The Pentagon Philon Backpack: Get Organized


The Pentagon Philon Backpack: Get Organized |
(This post is sponsored by Military 1st)

One of the things I struggle with when prepping for an airsoft game is organization. I love organizing and keeping my gear safe while I travel, but most of the time it’s not as easy as I want it to be. Sometimes I don’t have enough room to pack what I want (and I tend to have a lot of “extra” things in my pack that I have convinced myself I need). It is also hard to find a storage solution that allows me to keep everything separated. Without a good amount of internal pouches and compression straps, everything in my pack often ends up looking like it got thrown in a blender by the end of the day. Another thing I have noticed about most backpacks and cases I buy for my gear is that they just can’t stand up to going to games, getting tossed in the back of a car, or dragged along the ground as I crawl through the brush.

Just before I went crazy trying to figure out how I was going to keep my old gear functional, Military 1st (winners of the 7th Popular Airsoft Players Choice Award for Best Gear Retailer for Europe) stepped in and offered to let me test out the Pentagon Philon backpack. Let me just start out by saying this pack has blown me away with its quality, features, and overall feel. Everyone else I have shown it to has the same reaction. But, before I get ahead of myself, let me explain just why organization is so important for airsoft and any other activity you would use this pack for.

Pentagon Philon White Background |

Keeping Sane

I have been to enough games to know the stress of not being able to find that one thing I need to be ready for the game. I end up digging through every pack, case, and duffle bag I brought trying to find that bag of 0.25g BBs, an extra battery I just know is in there, or the repair kit I need to fix that simple issue I meant to take care of last week.

This is where the power of organization and having a plan on how you want to keep your gear together will pay massive dividends. When I go to pack my gear, I make sure that everything has a place and that I organize items in a way that I can easily pull out exactly what I need, when I need it. Using the Philon’s awesome assortment of pouches, I can keep a mini repair kit in one pouch, a pair of goggles in another, and keep that extra energy bar where I can grab it before the next round. This is one feature of this pack that I was instantly impressed by. I’ve been enjoying how well thought out everything is when it comes to keeping things separate and easy to get to.

Pentagon Philon Mag Pouches |

Keep Your Gear Protected

By organizing your gear, you can insure that nothing gets crushed or left behind when you head out for the day. I enjoy going on backpacking trips and it is necessary to have things packed in a way that makes sense, in case you fall or drop the pack just a bit too hard on a rock. This also applies to airsoft. Keep your softer or more flexible gear (i.e. BDUs, bags of BBs, etc.) on the outside or near the bottom of the pack so you have a buffer to protect the items inside. Also, pack some softer items near your back so you have that extra padding.

With the Philon, I was able to keep my gear protected even better with the addition of the compression straps and solid, 600D Polyester construction. I have used the pack on an almost daily basis for weeks and never had an issue with something falling apart or the gear inside getting damaged. Pentagon did a lot of smart things to make sure that once you get the pack configured, it stays that way. Quality Velcro straps are everywhere you need them to keep gear secure inside, and the zippers are super beefy. If any of you have used a normal backpack, or tried to use a typical school backpack for games, you know that sooner or later those flimsy zippers are going to fall apart. Not going to happen with these zipper warlords having your back 😉 .

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Help Others Out

There are a lot of times at a game when a fellow airsofter needs a screwdriver to fix their gun, an extra bottle of water, or some other general purpose item. Quite frequently I have been able to whip out what they need from my backpack. In turn I get to know them a bit better and we have a great time on the field. By keeping your stuff organized, you can help out your team and the other airsofters around you. If you’ve read the blog for any time at all, you’ve come to find that I am a big supporter of doing my part to make the airsoft community a better place and expand it whenever possible. Although it may seem like a small thing, organization can help you do the same and insure that you have a better experience. You can be the person who quickly steps up to help other people out when they need it, if you organize. By doing this, you can grow the community and make airsoft a better experience for everyone.


I want to finish out this post by talking just a bit more about Military 1st and the Pentagon Philon tactical backpack:

In case you couldn’t tell by this post, I really, REALLY like this backpack. It has all the features you need to keep everything together, it’s comfortable, and it is an awesome-looking pack. From the laser cut MOLLE on the back to the well placed hydration pouch that allows you to carry water on the field (it runs the hydration tube through these sweet holes on either side of the shoulders that you can see in the photos below), it is truly a great pack for those of you who want to upgrade your gear and have a better time at every game you go to. It is hard to find a pack that has this quality and can be used for just about anything. For more information, you can see the impressive list of specs on this pack HERE.

Pentagon Philon Hydration Holes |
Pentagon Philon Hydration Pouch |

As a small note, if there is one thing I would change about the pack, it would be some minor changes to the shoulder strap adjustments. I noticed after a week or two of daily use that the straps loosened up just a bit due to the Velcro and elastic retention loops having trouble keeping them in one place. Nothing that can’t be fixed in a couple of seconds but it is worth noting. Of course, if you are really concerned about it, just slap some duct tape on there and those straps won’t be moving anytime soon.

I also want to say that Military 1st has been fantastic to work with through this process. They are a company that knows how to work with blogs and is actively seeking out bloggers to help spread the news about their awesome products. I just want to finish up by giving them a big shoutout and encouraging all of you to go check out their website HERE when you are searching around for some new gear to upgrade your airsoft kit with. If you guys have any further questions, just leave them in the comments below!


(Special Thanks to Diverse Reflections Photography)

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  1. The bag looks beautiful. Thank you for informing us of such a durable, and organized device. Definitely putting it on the list of things to get eventually. Thanks Blake!

    • Thanks, BlueFalcon! I really was amazed at what this backpack was able to offer. I think it will be a very long lasting, and much used, part of my airsoft loadout. Let me know when you get one, and what you think of it in person!
      – TAW

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