Tactical Shorts? Why These Are A Real Option for Tactical Apparel


Tactical Shorts | AirsoftWarrior.net
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When Military 1st shipped me a pair of tactical shorts, I was curious to see how they would stack up against my normal BDU pants or a pair of shorts from the store downtown. After using them over the past month (and currently using them while writing this article), I have to say that I am both impressed and enlightened when it comes to the use of tactical shorts. In this post, we’ll dive into what I think this underrepresented section of tactical apparel is for and how they can fit into your gear bag when you head out to the field.


TAW Tactical Shorts1 | AirsoftWarrior.net

The Long and Short of Tactical Shorts

Shorts are not my normal attire on, or off, the field. I prefer the added protection of a solid pair of jeans or BDU pants. I was curious to find out what a pair of shorts (particularly ones branded as “tactical”) have to offer to operators throughout their day.

The first thing I noticed about these tactical shorts from Helikon, was the build quality. The material is 2-way elastic Ripstop (comprised of 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester, and 3% Spandex, for those of you who like details). This sturdy material ensures that these shorts are going to last for a very long time with no issues. The Ripstop has already come in handy when some random sharp object put a small hole in one of the cargo pockets. It’s really nice to not have to worry about that rip causing a major issue down the road.

One of the weakest points on any pair of pants is seams and zippers, and these shorts deliver high quality in both. The seams are reinforced and have additional stitching where it matters most. The zippers are YKK brand (known for quality and longevity) and feel solid with no snags or hang ups. I will note that the stitching on one of the cargo pocket’s cloth zipper tabs did come undone, but this is such an easy fix that I don’t think it will have any lasting impact on durability.


Shorts Zipper | AirsoftWarrior.net


After using them for a while, I realized that the design on these shorts is very, very well thought out. Besides the pockets designed for M4 magazines and the zippered pouches on the thigh, the portion of the shorts around the knees have been cut to prevent them from riding up or reducing mobility. There is a nice, small elastic band in the back for additional flexibility. Also, the traditional button to secure the shorts around the waist has been replaced with Velcro to allow for better adjustment and manipulation when your manual dexterity is non-existent.  It’s details like these that take the Helikon tactical shorts above and beyond ones you would normally purchase.


TAW Shorts3 | AirsoftWarrior.net


Comfort has been superb overall. Although I had a moment of concern when I pulled them out of the package and felt the relatively rough Ripstop material they had used, I quickly forgot about that upon wearing them. They do not have a significant lack of comfort over any other pair of shorts I have owned. In fact, I would consider these almost more comfortable due to the solid durability I notice when wearing them. Due to the cotton/spandex, they do wick moisture effectively and I haven’t noticed any comfort issues due to the Ripstop construction.




Where Should You Use Them

Now this is where I call into question the claims of “tactical” shorts. I would not use these in normal, tactical scenarios I find myself in at the field. Shorts do not offer the level of protection I require when crawling through the brush, kneeling to take that stabilized shot, or sliding across the concrete floors of a warehouse for style points. 😉

That said, here are the applications I would use them in over full length pants:

  • Extreme heat environments (kind of a no-brainer)
  • At the shooting range when you just need something comfortable to practice in that has enough pockets to carry everything on you
  • Everyday wear (which I won’t use my normal combat pants for)
  • When you’re relaxing after a day of work, but still want to feel operator. 😉


Better than Pants?

Overall, I think tactical shorts are a real option for anyone who wants quality and smart design. Helikon has achieved the goal of creating a pair of shorts that feels good, is going to hold up, and has those extra features that someone using them in a more tactical environment will appreciate. The design, feel, and build was clearly created with the operator in mind, while keeping it simple so you can wear them everyday. There are plenty of color options to fit any loadout (I personally went with Coyote). I would highly recommend picking up a pair of these tactical shorts and trying them out. After you do, let me know what you think in the comments!


TAW Shorts | AirsoftWarrior.net



The Pentagon Philon Backpack: Get Organized


The Pentagon Philon Backpack: Get Organized | AirsoftWarrior.net
(This post is sponsored by Military 1st)

One of the things I struggle with when prepping for an airsoft game is organization. I love organizing and keeping my gear safe while I travel, but most of the time it’s not as easy as I want it to be. Sometimes I don’t have enough room to pack what I want (and I tend to have a lot of “extra” things in my pack that I have convinced myself I need). It is also hard to find a storage solution that allows me to keep everything separated. Without a good amount of internal pouches and compression straps, everything in my pack often ends up looking like it got thrown in a blender by the end of the day. Another thing I have noticed about most backpacks and cases I buy for my gear is that they just can’t stand up to going to games, getting tossed in the back of a car, or dragged along the ground as I crawl through the brush.

Just before I went crazy trying to figure out how I was going to keep my old gear functional, Military 1st (winners of the 7th Popular Airsoft Players Choice Award for Best Gear Retailer for Europe) stepped in and offered to let me test out the Pentagon Philon backpack. Let me just start out by saying this pack has blown me away with its quality, features, and overall feel. Everyone else I have shown it to has the same reaction. But, before I get ahead of myself, let me explain just why organization is so important for airsoft and any other activity you would use this pack for.

Pentagon Philon White Background | AirsoftWarrior.net

Keeping Sane

I have been to enough games to know the stress of not being able to find that one thing I need to be ready for the game. I end up digging through every pack, case, and duffle bag I brought trying to find that bag of 0.25g BBs, an extra battery I just know is in there, or the repair kit I need to fix that simple issue I meant to take care of last week.

This is where the power of organization and having a plan on how you want to keep your gear together will pay massive dividends. When I go to pack my gear, I make sure that everything has a place and that I organize items in a way that I can easily pull out exactly what I need, when I need it. Using the Philon’s awesome assortment of pouches, I can keep a mini repair kit in one pouch, a pair of goggles in another, and keep that extra energy bar where I can grab it before the next round. This is one feature of this pack that I was instantly impressed by. I’ve been enjoying how well thought out everything is when it comes to keeping things separate and easy to get to.

Pentagon Philon Mag Pouches | AirsoftWarrior.net

Keep Your Gear Protected

By organizing your gear, you can insure that nothing gets crushed or left behind when you head out for the day. I enjoy going on backpacking trips and it is necessary to have things packed in a way that makes sense, in case you fall or drop the pack just a bit too hard on a rock. This also applies to airsoft. Keep your softer or more flexible gear (i.e. BDUs, bags of BBs, etc.) on the outside or near the bottom of the pack so you have a buffer to protect the items inside. Also, pack some softer items near your back so you have that extra padding.

With the Philon, I was able to keep my gear protected even better with the addition of the compression straps and solid, 600D Polyester construction. I have used the pack on an almost daily basis for weeks and never had an issue with something falling apart or the gear inside getting damaged. Pentagon did a lot of smart things to make sure that once you get the pack configured, it stays that way. Quality Velcro straps are everywhere you need them to keep gear secure inside, and the zippers are super beefy. If any of you have used a normal backpack, or tried to use a typical school backpack for games, you know that sooner or later those flimsy zippers are going to fall apart. Not going to happen with these zipper warlords having your back 😉 .

Pentagon Philon Collage | AirsoftWarrior.net

Help Others Out

There are a lot of times at a game when a fellow airsofter needs a screwdriver to fix their gun, an extra bottle of water, or some other general purpose item. Quite frequently I have been able to whip out what they need from my backpack. In turn I get to know them a bit better and we have a great time on the field. By keeping your stuff organized, you can help out your team and the other airsofters around you. If you’ve read the blog for any time at all, you’ve come to find that I am a big supporter of doing my part to make the airsoft community a better place and expand it whenever possible. Although it may seem like a small thing, organization can help you do the same and insure that you have a better experience. You can be the person who quickly steps up to help other people out when they need it, if you organize. By doing this, you can grow the community and make airsoft a better experience for everyone.


I want to finish out this post by talking just a bit more about Military 1st and the Pentagon Philon tactical backpack:

In case you couldn’t tell by this post, I really, REALLY like this backpack. It has all the features you need to keep everything together, it’s comfortable, and it is an awesome-looking pack. From the laser cut MOLLE on the back to the well placed hydration pouch that allows you to carry water on the field (it runs the hydration tube through these sweet holes on either side of the shoulders that you can see in the photos below), it is truly a great pack for those of you who want to upgrade your gear and have a better time at every game you go to. It is hard to find a pack that has this quality and can be used for just about anything. For more information, you can see the impressive list of specs on this pack HERE.

Pentagon Philon Hydration Holes | AirsoftWarrior.net
Pentagon Philon Hydration Pouch | AirsoftWarrior.net

As a small note, if there is one thing I would change about the pack, it would be some minor changes to the shoulder strap adjustments. I noticed after a week or two of daily use that the straps loosened up just a bit due to the Velcro and elastic retention loops having trouble keeping them in one place. Nothing that can’t be fixed in a couple of seconds but it is worth noting. Of course, if you are really concerned about it, just slap some duct tape on there and those straps won’t be moving anytime soon.

I also want to say that Military 1st has been fantastic to work with through this process. They are a company that knows how to work with blogs and is actively seeking out bloggers to help spread the news about their awesome products. I just want to finish up by giving them a big shoutout and encouraging all of you to go check out their website HERE when you are searching around for some new gear to upgrade your airsoft kit with. If you guys have any further questions, just leave them in the comments below!


(Special Thanks to Diverse Reflections Photography)


Why Airsoft Companies Need Bloggers To Reach The Airsoft World


Why Airsoft Companies Need Bloggers To Reach The Airsoft World | AirsoftWarrior.net

This post will be of interest to those of you that sell airsoft products, run an airsoft website, or would like to know what airsoft blogs have to offer to airsoft companies!


One of the biggest resources that airsoft companies underestimate is the airsoft blogging community.  If a company provides an excellent product and understands the blogging community, it can get its product in front of airsofters with minimal effort and maximum results! Here are some of the benefits of working with airsoft bloggers:


Better Product Placement:

One of the goals every airsoft company strives for is to make their products more visible to airsofters, whether that be through web searches, pictures, videos, or social media.  Bloggers enable companies to have a powerful tool for enhancing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and expanding a customer base.  Even if the blogger has a small platform at the time, as the blog expands, so will the number of readers who see the product!


Make More Money With Less Effort:

Product reviews are a a great way for a company to spend a small amount of money and get big results.  For example,  let’s say a company sends a product that would cost $50 retail, but only costs $25 for the company to produce the item and ship it to the reviewer.  Even if just ONE product is sold because of the review, the company has already made money! It’s like having a massive marketing team, without paying all the salaries!

(Tip For Airsoft Companies: Bloggers like to review good products.  They like it even more when they can review them and make a reoccurring income on the side.  By creating an easy-to-use affiliate program, companies can encourage bloggers to remind their readers about the product and link to the company site more often!)


Build Trust:

All bloggers who are worth their stuff are honest and trustworthy.  They provide good information to their readers, who frequent their site because of this information.  Airsofters like to search websites, YouTube, and forums to glean information before buying a new piece of gear because they want multiple opinions and information.

So, imagine, while you search the web, you find your favorite airsofters talking about a product you want to buy, showing you how to use it, and giving you reasons to buy it from a certain company.  You’d be much more likely to buy the product and trust the site they recommend!


Reach A New Audience:

Every airsoft blogger understands and knows how to reach a unique audience.  By working with bloggers, companies are given unique access into the bloggers’ community and are able to reach people who would have never heard about them otherwise. Companies can also use blogs to focus on a specific group of airsofters who are more likely to purchase their product.


Build A Marketing Army:

Bloggers tend to be loyal to the companies that reach out to them and understand the unique benefits they offer.  I often recommended Action Fan’s products because they provided me with an excellent product for my first review.  I used it, it worked great, and I now recommend it to my readers and airsofters I play with.  My team alone bought enough Action Fan products to easily make the company a profit.  By having just a few bloggers on its airsoft marketing team, a company will be reaching airsofters at dozens of fields, interacting with an internet community in the tens of thousands, and will have its website and products prominently featured!


Advertising Options


Now that you understand why companies need bloggers, here are some of the ways companies can get their products promoted on blogs:

(Note:  These options are based upon the most common ways of advertising on blogs.  A company can often work with a blogger to customize advertising to best fit their needs!)

Ad Space:  This is one of the easiest ways to get a product promoted on a blog.  Simply pay for a certain number of months, send an email file with a correctly sized ad, and the blogger posts it in a prominent place on the site.  Readers can click on the ad to head to the company’s website and start browsing products right away!

Sponsored Posts/Videos:  This option allows a company to get its product in front of the entire blogger’s audience in a way that makes it more personal and easier to access.  The company sends the blogger the product they wants reviewed or mentioned, and the blogger will write about the product and/or produce a video about it, as well as mention it in a post with direct links to the product and website.  Giving away products in the sponsored post is a great way to increase the reach of a promotion and let the airsoft community have some fun too!

Social Media Sponsorships:  Social media is king in marketing.  The company that selects this option gets a series of mentions on the blogger’s popular social media platforms (like Facebook and Google Plus) with links and pictures of a product.

Event Sponsorships:  If the blogger attends airsoft events and games (and most do), a company can sponsor the blogger for the event!  The company will have an advertisement in every one of the blogger’s gameplay videos from the event and links to the blogger’s site in the videos and posts about the event.

(Tip For Airsoft Companies: Be sure to send the blogger some products and advertising materials to use at the event if allowed by the game hosts!)

Full Sponsorships:  With this high level of sponsorship, the company can expect to spend more but get bigger results.  With a full sponsorship, companies will give the blogger access to information on upcoming products to pass on to readers, send some of their best products to use and review, and send advertising materials for events.  In return, the blogger will be a full time advertiser of that company and will recommend products from the company on their website, social media, in ad space, and at events.

(Tip For Airsoft Companies: Remember to take care of bloggers when they encounter a problem and keep them up to date on company happenings for the best promotion results!)


I hope this post has given you insight into how the blogging community can help airsoft companies and their readers through sponsorship and advertising.  By having sponsored gear, bloggers are able to find the best products to show their readers and expand their readers’ knowledge while helping airsoft companies thrive!

To advertise on AirsoftWarrior.net, visit the advertising page.  You can also contact me directly at blake@airsoftwarrior.net.



KWA SR7 1 YEAR Review


KWA SR7 1 YEAR Review | AirsoftWarrior.net
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I bought my KWA SR7 last September from AirRattle.com for $270.  After using it for a full year of airsofting, and obtaining a good amount of experience with it, I want to share my thoughts on this weapon.

The Way I Run It:

Before we hop into my thoughts, I want to explain how I run my SR7 so you can get an idea of what the performance is like.

  • I use a 9.6v NiMH battery,which gives me about 16 RPS and a fair trigger response.
  • I run KWA K120 mid cap magazines for guaranteed feeding and quality construction.
  • I’ve mounted a Sightmark Reflex Red Dot for faster target acquisition in dark CQB environments.
  • I have a few ladder rail covers installed to keep my hands off the bare metal of the RIS.  I have used a grip pod with the SR7 and found it to be a useful tool for setting down the weapon in between games, and for use as a hand rest (although I will often just use the mag well).

Now, onto my thoughts about the SR7.


KWA is known for having great performance right out of the box.  The manufacturer uses a 6.05mm Tight Bore Barrel (TBB) for better accuracy, 2nd Generation (2g) hop up system for better overall range and accuracy, and the 2nd Generation Extreme (2gx) gearbox with proprietary parts for enhanced reliability and power.

I’ve found that this system works like it was designed.  My SR7 gets 355 FPS (which has settled into the 335 range over time) with 0.20g BBs and has an effective range (can hit a man sized target) of 125 feet on semi auto.  Though, most of the time, I only use the KWA at CQB fields where the maximum range is 75 feet or so.

My SR7 has performed very admirably over the course of the past year.  I’ve had no problem making a multitude of mid range kills, and rocking it outdoors.


KWA SR7 RIS | AirsoftWarrior.net

Things I Like:

There is a lot to like about the SR7.  Here are some of the top things I enjoy about it:

Crane Stock: The fins that hold the stock plate on are solid and should last a long time.  The battery compartment inside is intelligently designed with space for a nunchuck NiMH or brick style LiPo battery. The fuse is exposed and fitted into a special compartment in the stock, so it is easy to check and replace (although I’ve never needed to yet).

Free Float RIS:  The rail is easy to use, has zero wobble, and fits everything I need.  It was a big upgrade over the two piece, wobbly rail on my JG M4 RIS.

Sound:  The SR7 makes an awesome sound!  Its powerful “clunk” (for lack of a better word) scares the tar out of those high pitched, whiny guns you find elsewhere! 😉


Things I Haven’t Liked:

There have been a few things that I haven’t liked (and may never come to like) while using the SR7.  Here they are:

Proprietary Parts: KWA is known for using proprietary parts in their guns.  This is designed to make the AEG perform better overall, but it can make finding replacement parts difficult.  I personally haven’t needed to break open my SR7 since everything is working fine, but it is an aspect that I would like to point out for those who plan to upgrade later.

Hop Up Movement:  When I close the fake bolt after adjusting the hop up, it tends to shift the setting.  This is a bit annoying, and requires some work to prevent.  A rotary hop up would solve this issue, but since the 2-piece hop up is somewhat proprietary, I haven’t tried to replace it.

Triangle Front Sight:  I like the look and function of flip up sights better than the traditional triangle sight.  They’re less intrusive when using a red dot and tend to look better.


My SR7 has had a few quirks and hiccups since I’ve owned it.  Nothing major, but worth noting.

  • The range of the SR7 seems to significantly decrease when the battery power is low.  This may be due to a case of double feeding and some issues with the bucking (which I may need to replace soon).  Although this is a bit annoying, at least I always know when the battery is low!   🙂


  • The selector switch on the side of the gun sometimes moves and cause the gun to switch fire modes.  This is a somewhat common issue with airsoft guns and is easy to fix in-game.  A stiffer selector switch on upcoming models would be appreciated.


  • One of the issues that all Version 2 gearboxes have is what I call semi auto lock up.  The cut off lever decides to cause issues occasionally and make the trigger “lock”, keeping the gun from firing.  I’ve only had this issue once or twice in the past year.  All you have to do is switch the gun to full auto, fire a couple of rounds, and you should be back in business.  This issue can’t be permanently fixed without removing the cut off lever and installing a MOSFET, but it isn’t a big enough issue to make me break down and get one yet.


  • The SR7 doesn’t like Elite Force 140 round Mid Caps (AirRattle sent some free with the gun).  I have found that I can insert the Elite Force mag and the KWA will fling the BBs about 3 feet out the barrel.   After ejecting the SAME MAGAZINE and putting it back in, the SR7 works normally!  Still scratching my head on this one….


Overall the SR7 is still doing its job of sending enemies to respawn after a year of use.  I look forward to using it in the year to come!

If you have any questions about the SR7, or airsoft in general, leave a comment!  If you liked this post, be sure to use the share buttons to let all your friends know that you’re an Airsoft Warrior!  To learn more about the KWA SR7, check out my internal and external reviews.


Lancer Tactical Chest Harness (CA-307A) Review


Lancer Tactical Chest Harness (CA-307A) Review | AirsoftWarrior.net

One of the most important pieces of gear any airsofter can buy, besides a gun and face protection, is the load bearing system.  Load bearing systems keep your gear on hand in a game and allow you to carry everything more efficiently.  A good load bearing system carries all the gear you need during a battle, can adapt to changing battlefields and scenarios, and is comfortable and durable.  This review is about the load bearing system I use at my CQB games.  It meets all of the requirements I need for fast paced airsofting and allows me to adapt to accomplish my mission.  Here is my review of the Lancer Tactical Chest Harness!

Cost: 5/5 ($50) – For this full package, it’s a steal!
Design: 3/5 – A few flaws, but nothing major.
Functionality: 4/5 – Adaptability is a key feature of this system
Durability: 4/5 – I only have minor wear and tear after a year and a half of use.
Overall: 4/5 – It works well and performs wonderfully on the field.

As you can see in the video, the Lancer Tactical chest harness is a great system for the airsofter who wants a fast, light load bearing system for CQB or short outdoor games.  I often run it without the admin pouch and hydration pack during CQB because they aren’t necessary during 15-minute games.  If you want an all inclusive, inexpensive (most setups like this would cost $75+) chest harness package, then be sure to check this one out!


Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader Review


Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader Review | AirsoftWarrior.net

I recently had the chance to use a prototype of one of the newest, coolest speedloaders coming to the airsoft market.  The M12 Sidewinder by Odin Innovations has been featured at SHOT SHOW 2015 and IWA in Europe.  This is the fastest, compact speedloader I’ve seen.  In the video below and in this post, I’ll run you through the features of the M12 and how it is operated, as well as give some of my thoughts on this prototype.

(Note: Since this is a prototype, some features are subject to change.)


Magazine in Odin Innovations Speedloader | AirsoftWarrior.net



Capacity: 1600 BBs
Loading System: Crank Handle
Design Features:  Fits in a double stack M4 pouch for easy storage on the field, loads mags in approximately 5-7 seconds, and the mags lock into speedloader.


My Thoughts:

The Odin Innovations M12 is an amazing piece of airsoft gear.  It has all the features you need in a fast and functional speedloader.  As you can tell in the video, it does its job in style.  I was amazed at how intuitive it was to use and that 120 round mags could be loaded in under 6 seconds!!!

While doing some research for this review,  I found other reviews and product demonstration videos.  A lot of the comments on the videos mentioned that the suggested pricing ($60-$80) was too high.  After all, they argued, who would pay almost double the price of the current high-end speedloaders for a new and unproven product?

Although I am inclined to agree with them, I have to mention several features that negate some of the arguments.  It solves most of the problems that traditional speedloaders have (namely speed, effort, and time consumption).  It even solves the issue of transportation on the field while still having a massive BB capacity.  With the function and efficiency it brings to the table, I feel certain it will earn its place as an elite airsoft product.

On the other hand, I still believe that a good price point would be approximately $50 if this allowed the product to be profitable for Odin Innovations.  At $50, the M12 can reach the current market and be introduced to airsofters.  If they can capture the high end speedloader market, there shouldn’t be any competition.

Most of the design suggestions I make in the video are to improve the overall durability of the product. Although this may result in the price needing to be raised, I think that a longer lasting, highly efficient piece of gear is worth much more than the mediocre, cheaper alternative.

That said, I enjoyed using this awesome product!  I look forward to trying out the final product when it is released. Stay tuned for updates about the M12 on AirsoftWarrior.net and our Facebook page.  Don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on the M12, as well as what you would like to see in the final product!


Odin Innovations and Mags | AirsoftWarrior.net


The Solution To Fogging: The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans


The Solution To Fogging: The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans | AirsoftWarrior.net
(The Cyclone Mike was kindly given to me for review by its maker, Action Fans.  This in no way affects the content of this review.  I pride myself on providing honest, real world reviews that tell airsofters about products that make them more effective on the battlefield.)

Recently, I was in a battle with my team and I encountered one of the biggest issues in airsoft, FOGGING.  Within seconds of starting a round I couldn’t see much of anything.  There was no way I was going to be able to effectively fight in the battle.

After that game I decided I needed to find a solution.  During my research I found that most options were either too expensive, required permanent modification to your set up (which I don’t like to do), or weren’t effective enough for my needs (I sometimes wear prescription glasses during my airsofting, so I get double fog).

After looking around, I found the Cyclone Mike from Action Fans.  It had a unique design that interested me.  The fan features three main parts, the battery pack (It uses 4 AAA batteries.  The batteries are not included), a fan unit that sucks air in, and a sturdy air tube that allows you to direct air exactly where it’s needed to stop fogging.

The Cyclone Mike is inexpensive ($39.99+Shipping on ActionFans.net), requires no permanent modification (just use the included self adhesive Velcro strips or Velcro-like straps to connect it to your helmet or goggles), and is very effective in all environments that I tested it in.

Cyclone Mike Fan | AirsoftWarrior.net

Included in the package are:
– The Cyclone Mike Fan (fully assembled)
– One strip (approx. 3 inches) of both self adhesive hook and loop Velcro
– Two Velcro-like straps
– Two mini zip ties
– Instructions on using the fan as a cooling system instead of anti-fog.

In the video below, you can see my thoughts on the Cyclone Mike, as well as some footage of the Cyclone Mike doing its job in battle.

(If you’re an email subscriber, click HERE to watch the video on AirsoftWarrior.net)

The Cyclone Mike on a PJ FAST Helmet | AirsoftWarrior.net

I tested the Cyclone Mike in both training and battle.  I have used it temperatures from 40 degrees to 80 degrees and up.  I also tested it both indoors and out.  It preformed excellently in every environment.

The only fogging I ever got was near the nose bridge of my goggles (I use Lancer Tactical Deluxe Ventilation Goggles) or when my sweat was pouring down the goggles like water after I had the fan off for a while.

The Cyclone Mike is made out of plastic, rubber, and reinforced wiring.  I found that the fan actually can withstand quite a bit of punishment.  I accidentally had it fall off a table while on my helmet and it was just fine.  My battle buddy, The Chief, also has a Cyclone Mike.  While in battle, he scraped his Cyclone Mike up against a tree and it still operated like new.

The Cyclone Mike with Filter Kit Mesh | AirsoftWarrior.net

I decided to purchase the Filter Kit for the Cyclone Mike.  The Filter Kit includes a foam filter for really dusty environments, a plastic mesh cover to keep BBs and debris out of the fan, and two mini zip ties.

I found that the Filter Kit’s durability was not all it could be.  The plastic mesh split where the zip ties held it on to the fan unit.  I think a metal version (made out of the metal mesh used on airsoft masks) would be a big improvement on durability.

The Cyclone Mike is very quiet for the power it gives you.  I am still able to hear my teammates clearly and also hear the enemy moving around.  When in the woods, I sometimes turn the fan off and on as needed just to give me extra hearing ability while still staying defogged.

With the Cyclone Mike, I am able to go from completely fogged to defogged in a matter of seconds.  Needless to say I am very impressed with the features and function of the Cyclone Mike.  Thank you very much to Action Fans for sending the Cyclone Mike to me for review.   Be sure to check out ActionFans.net to buy your Cyclone Mike; and start being fog free today.




KWA KM4 SR7 Internals


KWA KM4 SR7 Internals | AirsoftWarrior.net

(This is the second post in a series on the SR7.  To see the first post click HERE.)

Arguably, the most important part of any airsoft gun is the internals.  The internals are what allows the airsoft gun to engage other players; and be reliable and effective on the battlefield.  Different gearbox designs (Version 2, Version 3, etc.) each have their strong and weak points when it comes to their internals.

The most vulnerable part of most gearboxes are the shell.  The shell encases all of the parts inside of the gearbox.  It also absorbs the impact causes by the pounding of the piston.  This can cause the shell to crack.  Other common airsoft internal issues include, pistons stripping, teeth on the gears breaking, and trigger contacts frying.

Most of the time, if you want to solve these issues yourself, or if you want improved the performance of your AEG you have to spend money on aftermarket parts and potentially hire a tech to install your new parts.  This can add up to quite a bit of money very quickly.

KWA Performance Industries wanted to solve the common internal issues (as well as less common ones); and give airsofters excellent performance right out of the box, by designing their internals to function as flawlessly as possible.  Their answer to internal and performance issues was the 2nd Generation Extreme Gearbox and the 2nd Generation Hop Up.

(Note: I personally have not opened up my KWA’s gearbox.  I can be a bit fumble fingered at times; and the internals don’t need to be upgraded anyway.  I got the internal parts information from several good sources.  You can find an older post from the KWA forum HERE, that lists the parts and compares them to the 1st generation KWA gearbox.  HERE is a list of all the parts you can purchase for the SR7 direct from the KWA website.  Also, check out this video from AirsoftGI to get more information on the 2GX gearbox.  I will be listing the internal parts and my thoughts on how they improve the KWA SR7 below.)

Let’s take a look at the 2nd Generation Extreme Gearbox:

Completely reinforced gearbox shell- KWA reinforced the gearbox shell, inside and out, to prevent gearbox cracking caused by the relentless pounding of the piston on the front of the shell.  They also reinforced the trigger post (This is the piece that sheared off inside my JG M4 CQB during the Tech Saga), by almost doubling the size and sloping the base for more surface contact.  You won’t have to worry about any issues there.  They also reinforced around the anti-reversal latch.

9 mm Ball Bearing Metal Bushings- These ball bearing bushings reduce friction inside the gearbox resulting in a higher rate of fire and a better gearbox reliability.  They are a nice, large, 9 mm size which gives them better strength.  Although you sacrifice some reliability that regular bushings offer, due to the lower FPS (therefor less tension on the bushings from the gears rotating) of the SR7, it’s not an issue.

Metal Air Nozzle (no O-ring)- The metal construction is a nice upgrade from your standard Ploy Carbonate nozzle.  An O-ring would be nice to provide an even better air seal; but the KWA already has one of the best compression systems on the market right out of the box.

Ported Metal Cylinder- It is ported to help give the SR7 it CQB FPS.

Poly Carbonate/Brass Cylinder Head (single O-ring)- A basic cylinder head.  An CNC aluminum head ($15+) with Sorbothane padding ($5) for corrected Angle Of Engagement (AOE) with the piston, would be a way to improve this component later.

Aluminum Piston Head (non ported/single O-ring)- Its aluminum construction will last a long time.  To my knowledge it is not ball bearing.

Poly Carbonate Piston- The last tooth is heat treated metal for extra strength.  The pick up tooth (the first tooth to make contact with the gears) is fully reinforced.  The second tooth is not removed.

M100 Spring- The M100 spring is just right for the SR7.  It gives CQB FPS and less wear on the internals due to less tension from the spring.  It also appears to have variable pitch for even smoother operation.

Ball Bearing Metal Spring Guide- The ball bearings makes the compression system run smoother because the spring is able to twist on itself, reducing tension.

Heat Treated Metal Gears-  The heat treating process strengthens the gears and reduces wear on them.  More strength equals less issues.

Metal Cut Off Lever- Your standard cut off lever.

Selector Plate- Standard.  Has an electrical cut off plate to give you enhanced safety.

Trigger Switch Assembly- Silver plated for better trigger response and less resistance from the wires.  Looks like it has a heat treated spring for extra strength.  I would recommend getting a Mosfet for longer contact life, especially if you are going to use a lipo.

Metal Trigger- Standard.  Trigger pull is stiffer than you find on some AEGs.  It is closer to the real deal.

Wire Set- Silver plated for better trigger response and less resistance.

Anti Reversal Latch- Heat treated for strength.

KWA KM4 SR7 Hop Up | AirsoftWarrior.net

Now for the 2nd Generation Hop Up:

The 2nd Generation Hop Up is a two piece unit, made out of a nice polymer.  It has the same texture as the crane stock’s polymer.  (I found it interesting that they continued the texture of the polymer to the inside of the gun.)

It is easy to adjust and my hop up setting stays in place during a game.

The best part of the 2G Hop Up is the hop up nub.  It has two points of contact (3 points when you count the bottom of the hop up bucking).  With the two points of contact from the nub you will encounter less “flyers” and better accuracy at longer ranges.  I have pitted the SR7 against field AEGs with longer barrels and higher FPS and have done just fine.  I can get the 2G Hop Up to put a 0.25g bb out to 120 feet (with the bb having an almost flat flight path till the last 10 feet) and hit a man sized target after adjusting for wind shift.  That is very good for a “CQB” AEG! 

I hope that this post has given you a solid over view of the KWA SR7’s internal make up.  The internals of the SR7 were the main reason I purchased one.  I was very impressed by the well designed and well constructed 2GX gearbox and 2G hop up.  If you are looking for a very well built gearbox and excellent internals (without needing any upgrades), be sure to check out the KWA SR7.





Introducing The KWA KM4 SR7 “Devgru”


Introducing The KWA KM4 SR7 Devgru | AirsoftWarrior.net
I recently purchased a KWA KM4 SR7 “Devgru”.  I wanted the reliability and battlefield prowess of a KWA.  So I purchased one from AirRattle.com.  It was the best deal I found because they include 3 Elite Force 140 round mid cap magazines and I was able to get 10% off!

In the below post and video, I’ll be introducing you to the SR7 and some of the features it has.  We will focus mainly on the externals in this post.  Upcoming posts and videos will include more information on the internals and function of the gun on the battlefield.

Here are some specs on the SR7 (per my testing and the manufacture’s specs):

Manufacturer: KWA Performance Industries
Length: 28″ Retracted/ 31″ Extended
Weight: approx. 6.3 lbs (I believe that this the unloaded weight.  It is a solid CQB gun.)
FPS (with 0.20g bbs): approx. 350 with no hop-up.  With my hop up adjusted for 0.25g bbs with a flat flight path and a range of 120 ft, it is about 330 FPS with 0.20g bbs (and 305 FPS with 0.25g bbs).
Gearbox: 2nd Generation Extreme (2GX)
Hop Up: 2nd Generation (2G) with two points of contact for better accuracy

In the box you get:
– KWA KM4 SR7 “Devgru”
– One K120 Mid Cap (120 round capacity)- Click HERE to compare to the price on Amazon.
– Barrel Cover (red color)
– KWA Manuel (in good English with great diagrams)
– KWA warranty sheet and the KWA lipo battery information sheet
– Two Allen wrenches (for removing the body pins)
– Front sight adjustment tool

Below is a video of the SR7 from the Airsoft Warrior YouTube Channel:
(If you are an email subscriber click here to watch the video on AirsoftWarrior.net)

In Depth Features of the SR7 (from tip to tail):
(All parts are matte black, except where noted)


KWA SR7 Free Float Rail | AirsoftWarrior.net

Forward of the receiver:
Flash Hider- Metal/bright orange- some of the paint has nicked off as I have battled.
Barrel- Metal/One piece
Front Sight- Triangle style/Front sling swivel attached- I wish the SR7 had a removable sight (like on the SR10) to make mounting and sighting in optics easier; but you could always install one later.  The sling swivel is a bit noisy as it hits the RIS.
Gas Tube- Metal/Silver color- supports the free float rail system
RIS- 7 inch/Free float/picatinny/15 slots per side- I have heard that you can transfer this RIS to a real AR if you wanted to. Each slot on the rail is labeled.
Delta Ring- Metal/Screw on- This delta ring is not like the one you find on an airsoft gun with a two piece RIS system. I like its unique look.

KWA SR7 Receiver | AirsoftWarrior.net

Upper and Lower Receiver- Metal/KWA Tradmarks/Unique serial number- The body feels very sturdy.
Magazine Release- Polymer/Concave- Good ergonomics.  Non Ambidextrous.  One thing I found strange, the mag can be pressed in after it has locked into the mag catch.  This creates a clicking sound when the mag is pressed up.  It may be part of the design, since the Chief’s SR7 does the same.  I have tested several different types of mags and get the same sound.  It doesn’t bother me, I just wish I could figure out why it does it and if it helps the gun’s function.
Bolt and Dust Cover- Polymer/Black Bolt/Gray Dust Cover
Forward Assist- Metal/Gray Button- The forward assist has no effect on the weapon; but does press in and spring back.
Bolt Catch- Polymer/Gray- The bolt catch is non functional.
Fire Selector- Polymer/Gray- It is very nice and crisp.  The fire selection labels are stamped into the lower receiver; but not painted in (which I like).  Non Ambidextrous.
Pistol Grip- Polymer/Textured- The vents on the bottom do not go all the way through to the motor compartment.  The motor height adjustment screw (gold colored) can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver.
Top Rail- Metal/13 slots- with the removable, rear sight on you will have 10 slots open for optics.
Rear Sight- Metal/Removable/Adjustable for wind-age and elevation using knobs- Clicks are audible and can be felt.  It feels very sturdy.  It almost seems that they integrated a magnet into it to give an even better connection to the top rail.
Charging Handle- Metal- Not much to say about it.  It does stick sometimes when you pull it back.  This may be due to the reinforcement of the gearbox shell.

KWA SR7 Crane Stock | AirsoftWarrior.net

Behind the receiver:
One Point Sling Mount- Metal/One on each side
Buffer Tube- Metal- It does not have numbers to indicate the position of the stock.
Crane Stock- Polymer/Light Texturing/6 position/Hole on top to show numbers on buffer tube (but the buffer tube is not numbered)- Very nice and easy to adjust due to the spiral wiring inside.  Fuse is easy to check and change since it is integrated into the stock. The stock will fit a 9.6v 1600mAh Nunchuck Battery easily.
Stock Plate: Polymer/Textured/1.5 inches wide at back  – Very well designed.  The fins on the side prevent them from breaking as easily as some other stock plates do.  The stock plate is designed to fit a lipo battery inside of it.

I hope this overview helps you to better understand the SR7.  If you have any questions, comment them below.  Stay tuned for the upcoming posts and videos!





KWA SR7- Coming Soon To AirsoftWarrior.net!


KWA SR7- Coming Soon To AirsoftWarrior.net! | AirsoftWarrior.net

I recently purchased a KWA KM4 SR7 (also known as the KWA SR7, KWA SR7 “Devgru”, etc.).  For those warriors that haven’t heard of KWA Performance Industries or want to know more about them I recommend checking out their website.  You can find the link HERE.

KWA is known for producing quality airsoft weaponry that is used by police for training purposes.  Due to this reputation, you can imagine that KWA is also known for reliability and realism.  This means big things for any serious airsofter.

My goal is to give warriors the best and most comprehensive reviews on gear I can.  This requires me to thoroughly test all of the gear I review in airsoft combat until I am sure of whether it meets, or fails, Airsoft Warrior standards.  After I have had a chance to test the KWA KM4 SR7 out and have gotten plenty of battle action with it, I will be reviewing it here on AirsoftWarrior.net.

I plan on doing a 3-4 part series of posts/videos on the KWA SR7 to give you guys as much info on it as I can.  Stay tuned for the upcoming review.