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Here are links of product reviews done by The Airsoft Warrior.  At, my goal is to give you honest, real world reviews that provide you with the knowledge you need to buy gear, so you can be more effective on the battlefield.

If you have any airsoft products you would like to see a review on, be sure to post a comment below.

– KWA SR7- (Internals and Externals)

CO2 Pistols
H&K USP by Umarex

Load Bearing Systems
Lancer Tactical Chest Harness (CA-307A)

Tactical Accessories
The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans
Odin Innovation’s M12 Sidewinder Speedloader Prototype

SJ4000 Action Camera



  1. Could you list your typical equipment with the costs and where to get each piece? That would be helpful to find great gear.

    • HERE is a video of the typical gear I run in a CQB game. My primary weapon, the KWA SR7, retails for $300. My full load out would cost in the $750+ range depending on sales and where you buy gear from. Keep in mind that I have bought gear over time and customized it to my combat style.

      Military surplus stores can have great deals on gear and save you a mint. Be sure to price check with online sites and other stores before you buy to get the best deal.

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  2. Do you still recommend the H&K USP?

    • Absolutely. The H&K USP by Umarex is a good sidearm for the beginning airsofter. My only real gripe with it is the magazine’s o-ring seal. The plastic magazines tend to have a short life (one of my team members had the same issue) and then start to leak CO2 and are useless. If you plan on getting one, I highly recommend the metal magazines as they are more durable and make the USP’s weight more realistic.

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  3. What kind of lower face mask do you use? Is it comfortable?

    • Mason,
      I use a “striker” style metal mesh mask. It is more comfortable than the standard model since it lacks ear protection. I typically wear a recon wrap with it to protect my ears and make it more comfortable. Note that you may have to do some modifications to get the metal mesh to fit with the goggles you use.

      – TAW

  4. Thanks Airsoft Warrior!!

  5. Would a regular hunting face mask (not insulated) work for ear protection against bb’s?

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