Tac Shack: TAW’s Tan Head Loadout


Tac Shack: TAW's Tan Head Loadout | AirsoftWarrior.net

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In this Tac Shack video, I’ll show you guys how I set up my tan head loadout for games.  This is a great set up that finds a nice balance between comfort and function.  Hopefully this video gives you some ideas for your own head loadout!

Gear Used for Tan Head Loadout:

(Note: All prices are approximate and subject to change.)


Condor Multi Wrap (Tan)– $9
Comfortable, light, moisture wicking, and still protects you from BBs going down your ear canal!  What more could you ask for $9!

Gen 1 Striker Lower Metal Mesh Mask– $10
Great mesh mask for airsofters that like to be able to aim down their sights!  Easy to modify to fit a variaty of googles and full seal shooting glasses.  For a modification tutorial, go HERE.

Lancer Tactical Deluxe Ventalation Goggles (with 3 lens set)– $18
Great googles for the money.  The three lenses make it easy to adapt the googles to work well in almost any environment or weather conditions.  They do have a tendency to fog, so be sure to get a Cyclone Mike!

Bungee Modification- FREE!
This has been one of the best modifications I’ve made to my head loadout! Easy to get on and off at a game and also increases the comfort of the head loadout!

Metal NVG Mount (for mounting my SJ4000 action camera)- $20
An NVG mount is the easiest way I’ve found to mount and stabilize an action camera for filming airsoft games.  Nothings worse than super shaking and bouncy airsoft footage, so be sure to get one if you can use it with your helmet!

Cyclone Mike (from ActionFans)– $40
One of the best defogging systems on the market in my opinion.  Long battery life, easy to set up, and very user friendly! You can see my full review of the Cyclone Mike, HERE.

6400 mAh Easy Acc Battery Pack– $13
Super cheap way to fuel your action camera for HOURS at a game!  Fits nice on a helmet and has LED indicator lights for checking the battery level on the fly!

Lancer Tactical PJ F.A.S.T. Helmet (Navy Seal Tan)– $65 
This helmet may seem a bit overpriced when compared to the $35, basic helmets from Lancer Tactical, but this helmet really is a step up in comfort and functionality when you’re on the field.  The adjustment band and padding on the inside make it easy to fit to your head and will accommodate even a monster noggin! 🙂


Let me know what gear you use for your head loadout in the comments!



Tac Shack: Installing A Crane Stock Battery


TAC Shack: Installing A Crane Stock Battery | AirsoftWarrior.net

In this Tac Shack video, we’ll look at how to install a crane stock battery into your AEG.  I’ve included some helpful tips to make it a lot easier and get you up and gunning as fast as possible!




The battery used in this video is a Tenergy 9.6V nunchuck battery.  This is a great battery used by many airsofters due to it featuring a solid amount of power, no “battery memory” to reduce performance, and being easy to fit in most crane stocks!

The gun used is a KWA SR7.  Its crane stock is very similar to most generic crane stocks in size.  The main difference is the stock plate attachment, which varies from gun to gun.  Be sure to read your manual before attempting to install the crane stock battery.


Let the Airsoft Warrior Community know what type of battery you use in your AEG in the comments.  Be sure to share any tips you have for installing batteries into airsoft guns as well!


Tac Shack: Mounting Your Action Camera On A FAST Helmet


TAC Shack: Mounting Your Action Camera On A FAST Helmet | AirsoftWarrior.net
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In this Tac Shack video, I’ll show you guys the system I use for mounting an action camera on a FAST helmet.  This can be harder than it looks and requires some special mounts to get the job done right.



The action camera used in this Tac Shack video is an SJ4000.  Click HERE to see the official WiFi version on Amazon (not the lower quality knock offs).  The original, non-WiFi version can be found HERE on sjcam.com.  You can also check out my review of the SJ4000 (non-WiFi), right here on AirsoftWarrior.net!

Here is a list of the mounts I use in the video:

If you’re looking to really build up your camera mount arsenal, check out THIS all inclusive mounting package!


If you have any questions about the mounting system, just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them ASAP.  Be sure to use the share button (found at the top and bottom of the post) to help your battle buddies set up their camera so they can start filming you owning them on the field. 😉


New Video Series On Airsoft Warrior TV! – Tac Shack


New Video Series Coming To Airsoft Warrior TV!- Tac Shack | AirsoftWarrior.net

I’m pleased to announce that Airsoft Warrior TV will now be hosting the new Tac Shack series!

The Tac Shack will bring you quick tips and tricks to help make you a better airsofter and expand your knowledge of the airsoft world.  Everything from How-To Videos to quick talks with TAW, you’ll find the info you need in the Tac Shack!

If you have any ideas for upcoming Tac Shack videos, be sure to leave them in the comments and share this post with a battle buddy or your team so they can provide their impute as well!

Below is the first video in the Tac Shack series!  Be sure to check out (and subscribe to) Airsoft Warrior TV for more in the future!