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Airsoft Tactics: Field | AirsoftWarrior.netIn airsoft you will often encounter field environments.  Fields present a difficult challenge to an airsofter because they lack cover and allow the enemy to observe your every move.  It takes good tactics, skillful movement and use of cover, and thoughtful reaction to survive the field environment.

I often battle in field environments.  I have a like/hate relationship with field combat.  On one hand the excellent observation and ability to react to situations in advance is great.  But, the difficulty of eliminating well positioned enemies can be maddening.  Hopefully this post will give you some assistance and ideas that you can use to be more combat effective in the field.

Good tactics are key.
 Try to locate the strong points and cover in a field environment.  Most of the time the defensive team will have an advantage in the field if they use good tactics.  Position your team so that they can take full advantage of the excellent field of fire that the environment has.  Use the base of fire tactic often.  A single AEG can protect a large area and free up the rest of the team for an outflanking maneuver.  Try to set up your positions so that if one is overrun your other positions can eliminate the enemies that have captured it.

Move and use cover skillfully.
Cover is key in the field.  A ravine, tree, rock, or small hill can provide you with good cover and a strong position.  When moving, plan ahead and have the rest of the team cover you. Move quickly and get to your next position as fast as possible.  The less time you give the enemy to react the better your chances of survival will be.

Think about your reactions.
Plan your moves and how you will counter the enemy if he strikes.  If you used good tactics and good positioning you should be well prepared for an enemy assault or the initiation of your operation to eliminate the enemy.

The key to a successful field operation is to use your skills appropriately and effectively.  Let me know what the hardest part of field operations is for you and what you are doing to improve in that area!

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  1. Does a KWA SR7 perform ok in field environments?

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