In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Team Deathmatch


In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Team Deathmatch |

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I recently had the chance to battle at Intrigue Airsoft in Kansas City, Missouri with my team, Front and Center Airsoft.  Intrigue Airsoft is a 10,000 square foot, indoor CQB arena that features a large number of bunkers; and tons of trigger time.

The below video is of my first round at Intrigue.  This first round was Team Deathmatch with unlimited respawns.  Respawn was instant as soon as you reached to respawn zone and touched the wall.

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A few things I noticed in my first round were:

Friendly fire is Easy To Do
Due to the stress, fast pace, and high contrast lighting, team identification is difficult in CQB environments.  I was involved in multiple instances where I received (or dished out) friendly fire.  Teams swapped players throughout the evening (to keep teams evened up for the different scenarios) creating more confusion.

One way for teams to prevent friendly fire is to mentally memorize who is on your team before the round; and not safety killing or taking a shot until you are sure the target is an enemy operator.  Taking the time to identify your target is important; and I am continuing to learn this aspect of airsoft.

Securing the flanks is vital
In any airsoft battle the flanks are important; but when you get into a CQB battle they are even more vital.  The tight quarters make wide, stealthy out flanking maneuvers that you can preform in outdoor fields impossible.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t move up and secure them.

My team and I moved up on the left flank for most of the first round in an attempt to secure it and pin down the enemy working up the right flank.  I quickly noticed that the angles of fire, and large number of bunkers that created those angles, prevented me from being effective or holding down the enemy without my team supporting me from other points on the field.

Learn how to use “ineffective” points on the field
During the first round I moved 3/4 of the way up the field to a bunker located in front of the “Bomb Shelter”.  I noticed, as the night went on, that this position could become a death trap if you didn’t have the “Lab” cleared before getting in it.  If you did get the Lab cleared, the position commanded the enemy’s only other exit from the respawn area.

Watch for these so called “ineffective” positions and figure out what makes them work.  If you can make them effective they can work well, if you don’t, the positions, and you, will become completely ineffective.

Stay tuned for more battle videos from Intrigue Airsoft, coming soon to!

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  1. Love the info, every time you post I look forward to reading it!

    The Intrigue was a blast to go to as a team, we will have to go there again ASAP. Great job on the video Knuckles, as always good job and keep it up!

  2. Really liked it and I hope that you will make more and also where was it at?

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