101st Post On AirsoftWarrior.net!!!


101st Post On AirsoftWarrior.net | AirsoftWarrior.net

I almost can’t believe that over 100 posts have been written on AirsoftWarrior.net!  With your support, I look forward to the next hundred (or next 10,000.  Who knows!)

For this 101st post on AirsoftWarrior.net, I wanted to give you guys a look into how posts are written for the blog so you have an idea of what it takes to make a good post.

The Very Beginning

Sometimes an idea for a post will come from seeing a new gear item or an upcoming event.  Other times I’ll find an old post on an airsoft forum and use that to start a new post here on the blog.  Most of the time though, I find my inspiration from a conversation with a fellow airsofter (often by a comment on the blog, Facebook, Google Plus page, or an Airsoft Warrior TV video).  But no matter how I get the idea for a post, I always research the topic I want to write about.

Research Phase

For research, I use my own experience, airsoft websites, forums, YouTube, and discussions with other airsofters, as well as military personnel, to form the basis for the post and provide you with the best info I can.

A few good resources I use include Popular Airsoft, MilSim Tactical Training Podcast, military field manuals, and YouTube channels like TheAirsoftTech and ASTKilo23.

Let’s Get Going!

After the research phase, I start the post.  Every post goes through lots of editing and drafts before it reaches its final stage.  I provide as many helpful links to gear, posts, and websites as I can to give you extra resources to find more information and learn more.

Photos for my posts are mostly taken by Megan from diversereflections.com.  She does an excellent job of giving every photo that unique look that only high quality pictures can achieve.  If I need a different look for a photo, I then edit it with an editing program like PicMonkey.com.  I currently create the slide show graphics for the homepage using PicMonkey.

Show It To The World

Once the post is completed, I prepare it for publishing and add the last minute technical stuff so you can find it on the site without a bunch of hassle.

Once the post is published, my email service (currently Mail Chimp) sends it to my loyal (and awesome!) subscribers the next day.  I then start the process all over again for the next post!

How You Can Be Involved!

The most important thing that influences my future posts is readers like you.  You inspire me and drive the blog forward.  One of the best things you can do to help AirsoftWarrior.net is to comment and let me know what you think of the post and give me ideas for new ones!  Asking questions allows other readers to glean information and learn new things at the same time you are.  Sharing the content from the blog helps others to learn about airsoft, and grows the community (and who doesn’t like more players to sling BBs with!).

Thanks again for all of your support in the past 100 posts.  Keep the questions and thoughts coming.  Be sure to let everyone know what you’re doing to grow the airsoft community in the comments below!



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  1. Congratulations TAW!!!!

    Whoop whoop!! (Yes I know, dorky. Who cares!) you past the big 100 mark man! I’m proud of you!

    I will have you know I skim through a lot of blogs about a wide range of subjects, but your blog is the ONLY one I subscribe to. I like it that much! Even if your posting about something I’m well versed in I always find something new with your unique point of view.

    Keep it up man, I’m throwing you a party for the big 500!!!

  2. I have to admit, you do an excellent job on your posts! Love the photography too! 🙂

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