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Run Back To Respawn |

It’s a well known fact that no one likes to head back to respawn.  Depending on the field, you may have to wait in respawn for several minutes before being able to get back in the game.  Even though it’s just respawn, you should still look at it as an opportunity to implement some tactics.  While I don’t like going to respawn, I’ve always preferred to run back to it instead of walk.  I hope that this post encourages you to do the same.


Here are some reasons to “run to respawn”:


You Decrease Total “Out of Game” Time

I go to airsoft fields to airsoft (as I hope most everyone does).  When I’m playing, I want to get the maximum amount of time in the actual game as I can.  Depending on the field rules, you can get back in a game right after you reach respawn (which adds an even bigger tactical advantage to your team when you get to respawn faster than the enemy team does).  Running to respawn just makes sense.

But you might say “My field doesn’t have that rule.  All I do is stand in respawn for 5 minutes when I get there”.  Running back to respawn still makes sense because the second you get to respawn the countdown begins, meaning you’ll still get back in sooner than if you’d walked.


You’re More Tactical

Some fields require a set number of players to be in respawn before they can leave.  This creates a “wave” of players reentering the game.  If you run back to respawn you can get to that respawn limit faster and get players back in the game.  If your whole team ran back to respawn when they got hit, the enemy team would have almost zero reaction time to move up the field before the “new” players came back into the game!

This can give you a giant tactical advantage over the enemy team and keep the momentum rolling during a game.  Since momentum is vital to winning any airsoft game,  don’t let respawn slow you down.


Everyone Has More Fun

The more time you’re in-game, the better experience you’re going to have.  The more time your team is winning because of tactical players, the better time everyone has.  Look at respawn as less of a “rest time” and more of a time to collect your thoughts and gather the troops.


I hope this post encourages you to “run to respawn”.  Make every second count during a game; and remember to keep the enemy team WALKING to respawn! 😉


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