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In this video I noticed key points that will enhance your tactics and I wanted to share them.

– at 00:25 you see the Chief eliminate his enemy due to the type of cover that the enemy had selected (a pallet).   I have hidden behind barrels and found out that the small crack in between them makes a nice funnel for enemy fire.  Make sure that the cover you use will effectively protect you from enemy fire.

– at 00:35 the Chief demonstrates tactical reloading.  Notice how he keeps his eyes forward and weapon ready.  It only takes a second for the enemy to move up on you in battle so be at the ready.

– at 00:45 the Chief eliminates an enemy who has foolishly stuck his barrel out of a building window.  Never stick your barrel out a window.  It lets the enemy know exactly where you are and is one of the fast tracks to your own elimination.

– at 00:48 the Chief ‘softens up’ a building by throwing a grenade in before entering.  He uses the door for cover to lower his chances of getting eliminated.  He then performs a “button-hook” maneuver (see below) while entering the room.  The “button hook” allows you to see any enemies that may be hiding in the corner of the room and is very helpful for close quarters operations. Hopefully the Chief has a back up team ready to provide support.

button hook |

Let me know if any of you have an airsoft video you would like me to share and a critique.

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  1. Great video!

  2. Your vids are amazing! I can’t wait for the next one!

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