Summer Scenarios: “Hold the Flag”


Summer Scenarios: "Hold the Flag" |

Scenarios are a great way to train for an operation; or just to add an extra element to your backyard battles.  In today’s post I wanted to give you guys a scenario that you could play with your battle buddies during the summer. During Operation C14, I was able to participate in several scenarios, all of which were a lot of fun.  One of the scenarios was “Hold the Flag”.  I will be outlining how to play “Hold the Flag” and some of the tactics and strategies that worked for me.

Basic Rules of “Hold the Flag”

Size of Battle Zone: We used a 120′ by 100′ area.  It would have been better to have a larger area; but we made do. (The more players you have, the larger the playing area and number of bunkers you will need.  You may also need to limit the AEGs to semi only depending on the battlefield size)

Number of Players: 4+ (we played 2 on 3)- You will need one player be on the sidelines and keep track of time.

Re-spawn: Unlimited per player/30 seconds per re-spawn (If you have more players have a longer re-spawn.  The goal is for re-spawn to be long enough to tactically affect the battle.)

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 different colored flags (we used red and green bandannas)- put flags on a pole at different ends and stick pole in a 5 gallon bucket.
  • Bunkers- pallets covered with constructor-grade trash bags, trash cans, barrels, and even an old couch will work

Set Up:  Two (2) HQ Bunkers at each end of the battle area (these will also be your re-spawn point).  The flag should be centrally located and in an open area to make it more difficult to get to.  Spread several bunkers around the play area (more players=more bunkers)

Below is the lay out of our field for this scenario.  The couch is brown, trash cans are blue, wheelbarrow is gray, black lines are pallets, green circles are trees, and the flag is red.  Our play area was 120′ by 100′.

'Hold the Flag' Scenario Diagram |

To Play: 1. Both teams start at the HQ bunkers. 2.  At the start signal from the ref,  both teams begin the fight.  You can use a whistle or a air horn to start the game. 3.  Both teams try to flip the flag to their color.  After a set amount of time (we played a 10 minute game and counted points every two minutes) the ref will blow the whistle or air horn and count one point for the team that has the flag in their possession. 4. After the time limit is up the ref will end the game.  The team with the most points wins.

Tactics that worked for me:

  • In this small of an area you have to be very aggressive.  I often waited for an opening and then rushed the flag.  I got eliminated quite a bit; but sometimes it was a very effective move that secured my team some points.

I remember one instance where I rushed the flag; and accidentally slid.  I ended up with       the flag bucket in between my feet.  I was able to flip the flag, get up, and run back to             cover without getting hit by the three players that where pounding away on semi from           30 feet away!  Sometimes you just get lucky (or have skill, as my battle buddies like to             call it).

  • Be sure to use teamwork and get a good position near the flag.  When my teammate got eliminated it left a large hole in our defenses.  I was able to hold the flag by getting a good angle on the flag bucket and waiting it out till my teammate was back in.  Also, communicate with your teammate to coordinate rushes so you can get some covering fire.

I hope that you have a lot of fun with your team, battling through this scenario.  Let me know how it goes; and if there are any rules that you changed to make the scenario even more fun.

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  1. I love playing this scenario!

    • Chief,
      I really enjoy playing it too! Let me know if there are any rule changes you made to make the scenario better. I would enjoy hearing about it.

      Blake the Airsoft Warrior

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