Know Your Terrain: Why It’s Important



In a couple of recent battles, I noticed a main factor that really made the difference between how well (or not so well) I did in battle.  This factor was knowledge of the terrain.

Let me explain what I mean by giving you a few examples from those recent battles:

Battle #1
In this battle I was over at a location that the Chief had played at a couple of times; but I had never been to.    We decided to play 1 on 1.

The terrain comprised of evergreen trees, bushes, thickets, and other forms of foliage.

Since, I had never played at this field before.  The Chief was kind enough to walk through the field with me beforehand to give me some knowledge of the field’s layout.

During the first battle, I got slaughtered by the Chief.

Between getting hit through the brush, getting misplaced (aka lost) for a little bit, and trying to locate my well camouflaged enemy, I just couldn’t get my act together.  Believe me, he had a field day taking me down.

In the second round, I was able to get a few hits on him and we tied that game.  The Chief had been able to work the field excellently.  He found great cover, shot through breaks in the foliage like a pro, and pulled back right when I was getting set up to fire on him. His superior knowledge of the field had worked perfectly to his advantage.

Battle #2
This battle was at a location that I knew well.  I had been on this field several times before, so I knew some of the best places to be, and how to use them.

We had two 3 on 3 teams.  None of the other players had been on this field before, so we did a quick walk through before we got going.

In the course of three scenarios, I made 10 eliminations and only got eliminated once.  It was a completely different outcome from the previous battle.

The reason I was effective was due to my ability to move with confidence and speed because I knew the terrain.  Again, knowledge of the field made the difference.

I was given a first hand account of how much of an effect that knowledge of the terrain had on my game play.

Below are three tips to help you know the terrain better no matter where you are:

1. Do A Walk Through
If it’s possible, walk through the field with someone who has been there before.  Have them show you good places to hide out, where key positions on the field are, and any other helpful tips they can give you.  A walk through is the best way to get knowledge of the terrain.

2. Do Recon
If you can’t do a walk through, or even if you do, try to get to know the terrain while you’re playing.  Team up with players who know the field.  Figure out where bad cover is on the field and use it to your advantage.  Find the key positions on the field.  This will give you the confidence to move quickly to a good spot and start knocking out the other team.

3. Team Up
As I have said before, team up with players who know the field.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone if they know the field and if you can tag along for a while.  If they show themselves to be tactical and a good player, make sure you take their advice seriously.  If it doesn’t work out, move out on your own or find someone new.  No matter what happens, you still get a win-win.  You’ll meet other players and get to know the field.

I hope this post has helped you to understand the effect knowledge of the terrain has on your game; and how you can get it to work to your advantage.  Let me know your thoughts on this post below in the comments.  See you on the battlefield!


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  1. Yes, knowledge of the terrain is crucial!

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