Summer Scenarios: “King Of The Hill”


Summer Scenarios: "King Of The Hill" |

Recently I was involved in an airsoft skirmish and played “King Of The Hill”.  I had so much fun capturing and attempting to hold the hill from the onslaught my fellow warriors.  Here is how to play the scenario and some tactics that you can use to be “King Of The Hill”!

How To Play “King Of Hill”:

Players: 3+ (The more players the more fast paced and difficult the game will be)
Re-spawn: Select a series of location (preferable surrounding the hill).  Each player will have a separate re-spawn area.  Re-spawn is 30 seconds for fast paced game play.
Battle Zone: A centrally located hill with lots of cover and places to hide on top and on the way up.
Supplies: No special supplies are necessary.

Battle Zone Set Up: Red dots are Re-Spawn areas (we had three players).  The blue dot is the location of the “King Of The Hill”.

"King Of The Hill" Map |

To Play:
1. One player is chosen as the “King Of The Hill”; and starts at the chosen location on the hill top.

2. All other players start at their separate re-spawn points.  They may work together to capture the hill; but only one player can be “King Of The Hill”.

3. Players attempt to capture the hill. First player to the top after the “King Of The Hill” is eliminated is the new “King Of The Hill”.

4. Play continues till a chosen end time (example is 30 minutes).  Player that has been the “King Of The Hill” the most times is the winner.

Keep Your Head Down: The enemy will be looking for your location (Remember: he only knows your general area, not your exact location).  Don’t give it away by “goose-necking”.  Find a piece of cover that works and stay low.

Wait For The Shot:  Get in a position that forces the enemy to expose himself to hit you.  Make him come to you and wait for the right moment before firing.  You don’t want to give away your position prematurely.

Keep Watch: Always be looking around.  The enemy can, and will, approach from any direction. Listen for the enemy making noise and don’t be surprised when the he comes out from that direction.

Let me know how this scenario works for you.  If there are any rule changes/improvements that you made please comment them below.

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