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One of the biggest reasons people play airsoft is to use weaponry that looks like it came straight out of a movie or the battlefield.  Guns like the M60, a full auto M4, or a MP5 are just some of the examples of weapons that most of us can’t use or afford in our daily lives but can in airsoft.  But would you think airsoft guns were cool if you favorite weapon platform only came in a totally bright purple or yellow color?

The U.S. Senate is proposing a bill (SB213) to make all airsoft guns illegal unless the whole gun has a bright, neon paint color!  This is one of the biggest threats that the airsoft nation has ever faced.  Apparently this bill is designed as a step up from the recent anti-airsoft bill in California (SB119).  This new bill will affect the entire United States and all airsofters in it!  Sign THIS petition to help stop this threat to airsofting in U.S!

You can also contact Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) as well as your current federal Senator(s) and voice your thoughts on this bill.  Please remember to be respectful and thoughtful.  We don’t need to make airsofters look bad to get our point across.

Also be sure to mention an alternate solution to the issue caused by people using airsoft guns irresponsibly.  I suggested to my Senator that proper education on airsoft gun usage will allow players to be more safe on the field and with real firearms.

As a final thought, please be safe with your airsoft gun at all times.  Use a gun bag and barrel plug.  Never brandish your airsoft gun in public no matter how cool it is.  Play Safe, Play Hard, and Help Stop SB 213!


– Blake The Airsoft Warrior

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  1. WOW! That is pretty bad! I totally agree with your thoughts!

  2. This a very bad!!! I can’t believe this is happening. We need to stop this and stop it NOW!

    • Completely agree, Dead Shot! We have to stop this early on before the anti-gun community grabs a hold of it. Be sure to sign the petition and have all your friends do the same. Talk to your federal Senator and tell them to vote NO if it comes before them. We can stop this if we work together and push hard.

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  3. Thanks for posting about the bill. I got an email from about this bill. It is crazy that something like this could actually be made a law.
    -N Square

  4. Wow. Not good!

  5. Hey there Blake!

    Great post with thoughtful insight!

    I’m glad you mentioned to contact Senators and voice your concerns, we can be upset about it all we want but unless we as individuals and a community are willing to speak up it will pass.

    I believe every person that actually does speak up can make a difference and turn the tide, and I would input one sugestion: Instructive insight. Everybody can not like something and give all the reasons why it shouldn’t happen, but if your saying no and offering no other solutions you won’t get far.

    I for one believe we can do MUCH better as a community in instructing Airsofters in firearm safety. Notice I didn’t say “Airsoft” safety? We should be treating something that looks like a real gun, like a real gun! With the upmost care and safety as possible.

    Speak up Airsofters, but do so with respect and integrity!

    • Thank you for your insight, General. I completely agree that the Airsoft community could do better in the realm of safety.

      Thankfully most fields and shops are buckling down on safety measures (like gun bags and barrel plugs). Once all Airsofters start implementing these measures into their everyday Airsofting, whether it be in their backyard or on an official field, we will see a major reduction in people being injured for brandishing their Airsoft weaponry in public. We have to raise awareness and start all new players on the right track of safety first.

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

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