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Intrigue Airsoft: HVT Round |


In my latest trip (2-21-15) to Intrigue Airsoft, I battled in a High Value Target (HVT) round.

(Field Notes:  Intrigue Airsoft is a 10,000 sq. ft.  indoor CQB field located inside an industrial factory in Kansas City, MO.  This field features fast-paced game play with lots of trigger time.  Tightly packed bunkers, an ever changing field, and great staff put this field a step above the rest!)

The goal of my team (defending) during this HVT round is to prevent the enemy team from transporting their HVT (a player wearing an orange vest) to the extraction point (located at the back corner of the field).  The HVT is limited to 1 respawn and the rest of the players have unlimited respawns.

The difficult part of the HVT round for both teams is knowing when to push up the field to break through, and when to hold back to prevent taking casualties.  The defensive team wants to establish a strong front to prevent the enemy team from getting into a good position on the field without getting slaughtered and losing control of a flank.  The offensive team’s goal is to create a weak point on the field and then rush the HVT through it while protecting the HVT throughout the rush.

The below video features my gameplay footage from the HVT round.  I had a ton of fun on the field and a great time hanging out with the other players out there!  When you go to Intrigue, be sure to give the owner, Nigel, a big HELLO from the Airsoft Warrior!

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  1. My entire family went “look there’s Caleb!”.
    My brother is planning on going soon.
    I want to go soon to once I have my own weapon. You just cant trust rental guns.

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