Airsoft Tips From Videos: Teching on Your Airsoft AEG


Airsoft Tips From Videos: Teching on Your Airsoft AEG |
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A lot of airsofters like to tech on their guns, either to improve the performance, make it look more “tacticool”, or to learn something new about their airsoft weaponry.  While looking around the internet for more projects to do on my AEG (Automatic Electric Gun), I found some helpful resources that I want to share with you!

(Note:  Please read my post “To Tech or Not To Tech”.  This post will give you valuable insight on whether or not you should tech on your AEG.)

AirRattleTV: Proper Technique for Greasing Your AEG Airsoft Gun Gears


A lot of companies send their guns out with a bucket load of grease inside the gearbox.  Although this keeps the gun lubricated, it tends to decrease performance (like ROF) because the grease is so thick that the whole gun has to work overtime to keep everything running.  This video gives you tips on how to properly grease the gears on an AEG.

To keep your AEG in top condition, do this procedure every year or every time you open your gearbox.  Buy some quality silicone grease or Teflon gear grease (Teflon is supposed to have better cold weather performance.  I have used Guarder Teflon grease and it works great.)  You will notice how little grease is actually needed to get the job done.  Also remember to apply a thin layer of grease to the teeth rack on the piston and the rails that the piston slides on inside the gear box.  Apply grease to the motor pinion gear as well.


AirRattleTV: How to Lighten Your Piston via the Swiss Cheese Method


Swiss cheesing a piston is a simple modification that will allow your AEG to get a higher ROF and better trigger response.  It is one of the most-used modifications in the airsoft world and you can find tons of resources and tips on how to do it.

The basic principle is to remove as much unneeded material as possible from the piston to reduce its weight. This means the gears and motor have less weight to pull back each shot, increasing the speed at which your AEG can fire.  When doing this mod, be careful not to damage the piston or over-swiss it, which can cause it to fail under stress.


AirRattleTV: How to Fix Your Broken AEG Gun’s Trigger Post


One of the common issues with Version 2 (M4/M16) gearboxes is the trigger post (I had this issue when I started the Tech Saga).  The trigger post is a small piece of metal that keeps the trigger shuttle (which pulls forward to form an electrical circuit when you pull back the trigger) in place.  This puts this piece under stress with each shot, which can cause it to break sooner or later.  Without it, your AEG trigger will lock up and the gun will cease to fire.

Obviously, you want to fix this issue if it happens, but you may not want to spend the $40-$70 to buy a new gear box and bushings.  If you have some tools and time, try the method in this video.  Remember that this modification may still have issues depending on how well the screw holds up.  I tried this method using a roll pin and lock tight, but it just couldn’t hold up to the stress, so be forewarned.


I hope that these resources from AirRattleTV will help you to improve your AEG.  Be sure to check out the Tech Saga videos and posts for more information on teching and the inner workings of a gearbox.  Also, be sure to let me know in the comments about your best (and worst) teching experiences!

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