New Gun Arrival: ICS CXP16S |

I would like to announce that my new ICS CXP16S has arrived!  I will be thoroughly testing it in the next couple of months and then write up a review for you guys.  Here are a few things about the CXP16S to get you guys excited for the upcoming review!

  • Uses the ICS Split Gearbox for fast FPS changes and repairs
  • Has a one piece RIS with a monolithic top rail (looks like a H&K 416 RIS)
  • Rear wired to the crane stock (uses screws to hold the stock plate on for added durability)
  • Rotary style hop up for easier and more consistent hop up adjustment
  • Flip up front and rear sights (MBUS style)

Overall,  I think this is going to be a great weapon on the field and at the work bench.  I’m really looking forward to showing you all what it can do!


ICS CXP16S Zoom (Sun glow) |

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