Airsoft Discoveries: November 2015


Airsoft Discoveries: November 2015 |

This is The Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries”, where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month to help you discover new things!  Here’s what I found this past November!



Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader Release! – I reviewed the M12 prototype a few months ago.  This great speedloader by Odin Innovations allows you to fully load mid caps in a fraction of the time traditional speedloaders take!  I loaded a 120 round KWA K120 mid cap in 5.4 SECONDS!  Another bonus is that it fits in a double stack M4 magazine pouch for easy transport on the field!  No more excuses for those of you who use high caps because they’re “easier”! 😉



Popular Airsoft 6th Player’s Choice Awards – It’s time to nominate the best airsoft gear, guns, and websites!  Nominations will be accepted till December 30th.  Be sure to fill in the “Best Airsoft Blog” section! 😉 – This website allows you to find retailers, teams, and fields around the United States quickly and easily!  Now you can find new places to play at, and airsofters to meet, with the click of a button!  You can add your team or store HERE.



Operation: IRONHORSE – The Guardian Center will be hosting this American MilSim operation in Perry, GA in just a couple of months!  Guardian Centers are designed to help soldiers and emergency response personnel practice scenarios in a real world environment.  Looks like this AO will be a great place to test airsofters as well!



Taya Kyle Wins American Sniper Shootout – Although not airsoft-related, I found this to be a very interesting article.  Taya Kyle (wife of American Sniper, Chris Kyle) was able to make 100% of her shots during the competition using TrackingPoint weaponry.  The advance technology will allow our troops to fight enemies with minimal exposure of themselves and with maximum accuracy.  To find out more about TrackingPoint, go to their website HERE.



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