Airsoft Discoveries: December 2015


Airsoft Discoveries: December 2015 |
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This is The Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries”, where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month to help you discover new things!  Here’s what I found this past December!



Element Comtac II Style Headset – These headsets are a working replica of the real Comtac II headsets that retail for over $600!  They have built-in noise canceling, you can buy the adapter to attach them to FAST Helmets, and they work with various Push To Talk (PTT) units to meet your tactical communication needs.  If you want to avoid the hassle of finding a suitable PTT unit for them, they’re often offered in a packaged deal.  HERE is the packaged deal for Motorola 1 pin radios.  If you want more information on this headset, I found THIS video review to be helpful.



Elite Force Race Gun–  This pistol from Elite Force is designed for competition shooting.  Spring assist magazine ejection for faster reloading, enhanced trigger, half slide for less recoil, and swappable, adjustable rear sights (including a fiber optic one) make this an awesome and accurate airsoft pistol for the airsofter who demands accuracy and function from their sidearms.  The current price is $129.99 at the Airsoft ‘R Us Tactical online store, which is plenty reasonable for a tuned up pistol.


B.O.S.S. (Ballistic Ordinance Sound System)–  This unit developed by B.L. Tech looks like an M203 grenade launcher.  It turns your airsoft gun into a much more realistic weapon by creating a gunshot-like sound using propane gas.  A microchip regulates the B.O.S.S. system to match your specific weapon’s rate of fire (and can also be adjusted manually).  The extra immersion factor of this system will appeal especially to MilSim players or airsofters who want to use their airsoft guns for training purposes.  Proposed price is $600, so start saving!  Here’s a video from Spartan117GW to give you a taste of what this thing can do!


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