Airsoft Warrior Christmas List 2016


Airsoft Warrior Christmas List |
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We are coming up on that time of year again. Time to put up the tree, hang the stockings, and put together an airsoft wish list! This year, I have complied some of my favorite picks from a variety of airsoft gear. Feel free to check them out and add them to your list.  Also, make sure you let me know if there are any specific items you have on your airsoft wish list this year!


Airsoft Guns:

ICS CXP16L Full Metal – I personally own the ICS CXP16S (Sportline). Basically just a shorter version of this CXP16L. I have found mine to be an excellent performer on the field with a great rate of fire. The 16L version features a longer barrel, higher FPS, a full metal body, and a longer rail system for all of those tactical accessories we are convinced we need. 😉

The best part of ICS guns is the unique split gearbox that allows you to easily tech on the gun and change out compression components on the fly. If you do pick up an ICS gun, make sure to grab an extra upper gearbox so you can take full advantage of this truly amazing system!


Elite Force 1911 TAC – I know I have probably told you all about Elite Force pistols before, but I’ll do it again. Elite Force is known for making some of the best airsoft sidearms on the market (and BBs if you haven’t tried them yet). I have seen them in action many a time, and they just seem to work in every way you want a sidearm to. The classic 1911 style is hard to beat, and it will be easy to find accessories and holsters to fit it. Combine that with a realistic blow back system and an “oh-so-operator” two-tone paint job, and you have a pistol that will enhance any load out.





Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade – Airsoft Innovations essentially owned the impact airsoft grenade industry with their top notch Tornado grenade. Earlier this year, they outdid themselves by releasing the Cyclone. The Cyclone still features the impact tech found in the tornado, but in a smaller, easier to manage size.  They also ramped up the FPS for a wider BB spread and better coverage. After using one, it was hard to deny that this could be one of the most valuable items to have in your airsoft kit.

Magpul Original Mag Assist – These may not seem like the most amazing thing to ask for this Christmas season, but being able to reload quicker on the field is one thing every airsofter needs. Magpul is known for making some of the highest quality polymer gear for weapons. These mag assist loops slip onto the bottom of a magazine, and give you a handy way to grab it in the middle of fight. It is important to note that they do not work on all mags, so be sure to check if they’ll work with yours before buying a bunch.


Airsoft Parts:

(Warning: Bit of technical jargon to follow.)

Black Talons Concepts MOSFET – Christmas is the time for dreaming. Why not throw one of the best, most expensive, and almost never in-stock MOSFETS on your wish list? This MOSFET is known throughout the airsoft world as the best of the best. You get more features then a normal human will ever need, the ability to run your airsoft gun off a car battery without damaging it (so much for all the other parts), and increased reliability (you actually don’t even need the cut off lever anymore). And now, the MK. II comes with built in Bluetooth to allow you to adapt the gun at any time to fit your needs! So, throw it on the list and hope that you have been REALLY good this year.

Flat Hop – If you are the tech type (and don’t feel bad if you aren’t), then trying out a flat hop may be a great way to ramp up the performance of your current guns for the new year. A flat hop essentially gives the hop up in your gun more stability and better consistency, which equals more accurate shots and better range. To get started, all you need is a flat hop nub.  I would recommend picking up a new bucking as well (the Prometheus Purple Bucking is recommended for flat hopped guns with an FPS under 400).  Below is a great video on flat hopping from Amped Airsoft:


Well, that will do it for my top picks for this year. There are a ton of other great options out there, so be sure to check around and see what catches your eye. Hope you all have a great Christmas season this year, and don’t forget the real reason for the season!

(Need some more ideas?  Check out my 2015 Christmas list.)


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  1. This list is super interesting!! Definitely think the mosfet is mind blowing, but don’t have the money for it. My favorite is the cyclone grenades (absolutely going to pick some up soon). All in all, these are some cool things Taw!! Thanks for grinding the internet, and your wallet (as I pick up that you have bought some stuff on the list) to test those out for us!!

    BlueFalcon out!!!

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