Summer Airsoft Battle Tips


Summer Airsoft Battle Tips |

Summer means a lot of things for airsofters.  Gas guns work better because the air temperature heats up the CO2, creating more gas, allowing for more power.  More players are around because school is out; and many airsoft companies are offering great deals on gear and guns, like the 21% off sale.

Below are some tips for keeping your team mates and yourself safe and effective this summer.

Drink Water
Although this may seem obvious, your body constantly needs water while engaged in battle.  During an airsoft game be sure to drink water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.   Tell your battle buddy to remind you to drink; and do the same for him.

I highly recommend carrying a hydration pack into battle for convenience and portability.

Watch for Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is the beginning stages of heat stroke which can cause major issues.  The signs of heat exhaustion include a head ache, clammy skin, muscle cramps, and extreme thirst.  To avoid heat exhaustion drink plenty of water, take breaks (preferably in an air conditioned room), and try to stay cool while playing.

If you or one of your team mates develops heat exhaustion get them to a cool place, like the shade or an air conditioned room.  Have them sit down and drink plenty of fluids (not sugary or caffeinated drinks).  Wet down some towels, bandanna, or a shirt and use it to cool them down.  It may be best to call off the battle for the rest of the day.

Use the Heat
Learning to use the heat to your advantage is critical to have a fun and successful mission.

While in battle try to position your forces so that your team is in the shade.  Everyone will be more alert, happy, and effective if they aren’t having to deal with the sun beating down on them.

If you can, try to force the enemy to take up position in the sun or have a to crawl through the battlefield with the sun lighting them up.  The more uncomfortable and distracted the enemy is, the less effective he will be.

Try to take a more defensive posture while it is hot to conserve energy and to limit fatigue.  Set up comfortable bunkers; and try to position yourselves where there is a breeze to keep the bugs, sweat, and fogged masks away.

I hope that these tips will help you have a more enjoyable and tactical summer.  Have fun in the sun!


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