Airsoft Weapons: The Pistol


Airsoft Weapons: The Pistol | links included)

The humble pistol is an excellent secondary weapon.  In a previous post I reviewed the H&K USP by Umarex.  In this post I will explain the pros and cons of the pistol in airsoft and the uses and applications of it on the battlefield.

I really like my H&K USP.  It was the first airsoft gun I purchased.  It has pulled me through in many battles and has seen a lot of action.  I now use it as a back up weapon and rely on my JG M4 CQB for most of my combat actions now.  But, even though it may not have a high rate of fire or the largest mag capacity on the battlefield, I still like to whip out the H&K and use it.  You will see why in this post.

Pros of the Pistol

Compactness– smaller is better when you are in CQB environments or need to maneuver behind cover.

Lightweight– a light pistol will keep you from fatiguing as quickly as an AEG during battle.

Power–  Airsoft pistols can have speeds of 500 fps or more giving you as much or more power then an AEG in a smaller more maneuverable size.

Options–  Tons of models, from the 1911 to the Baby Eagle, are available and airsoft pistols are available in spring, electric, or gas operating systems.

Cons of the Pistol

Lack of Accuracy–  a short barrel keeps the BBs from getting maximum stability and the wind effects them more.  My H&K USP (C02 powered) still shoots a good 50 feet and can hit a man-sized target if I adjust for wind.  But don’t expect one shot, one kill from an airsoft pistol.

Smaller Magazine Capacity– Most airsoft magazines hold 10-15 rounds.  Some are available with 25+ round magazines but most pistols still don’t have the capacity of a rifle or AEG.

Applications of the Pistol

Close Quarters–  The pistol really shines in the CQB environment as it allows you to cut corners tighter and use cover more effectively because of its compactness.

Back-up–  Pistols are great back-up weapons because they are light and can be stored on your hip in a holster ready for action if the need arises.

Pistols are an important part of an airsoft arsenal as a back up weapon, and you should try to carry one in your battles.  A pistol can save you in battle if your AEG malfunctions or runs out of ammo.  Don’t neglect the humble pistol and spend some time practicing with it so you, and it, will be ready.

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  1. Trent aka The Chief.

    I agree! Great gun for CQB!!

    • Thank you for your comment. I hope that my post helped you to see the benefits of the pistol. Keep training to be the best you can be with it.

  2. I really like pistols. Right now I’m using a .45 Caliber Double Eagle Airsoft Pistol.

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