Airsoft CQB: Room Clearing


Airsoft CQB: Room Clearing |

In the previous post in this series we examined how to enter buildings with a team.  Now we will look at how to clear rooms inside of those buildings.

Start with a two man or more room clearing team.  Enter the room from the same side of the door.

Room Clearing- Starting Position |

The first decision you will have to make is whether you will recon the room or go straight to entering it.  Often times the combat situation will dictate whether you will have time to recon a room or not.  Be aware that if you recon a room in advance you may jeopardize the element of surprise.  Surprise is vital to staying alive in a CQB operation.

One of the best methods of entering a room is the opposite corners method.  The first man into the room, also known as the “point” man (red), preforms the “button hook” upon entering.  The second man (blue) enters and heads for the far corner of the room opposite of the direction the point man has button hooked to.  This will allow both of you to quickly locate enemies and engage them.

Room Clearing- Entering the Room |

After both team members have reached a corner the point man will walk around the perimeter searching for enemies as he goes.

Room Clearing- Walk the Perimeter |

After the point man reaches his teammate they both walk back to the entrance of the room and the second man becomes the new point man.

Room Clearing- Exit |

This method can be adapted to suit the room shape/size or the combat situation.  Several things to keep in mind is that surprise, speed, and teamwork are your allies in CQB room clearing.  Always stay one step ahead of your enemy, use cover, stay at the ready, and work as a team.

In the next post in this series we will take a look at some gear and equipment that will make your CQB missions more enjoyable and make you more effective.

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  1. Trent aka The Chief.

    Great post!! AWESOME picture too!!!!!!

    • Trent,
      Glad you enjoyed the post. I hope that it increases your room clearing abilities!
      Blake the Airsoft Warrior

      • Firstly nice graphic. But in the first graphic where your blue man or point man is looking at the 1 to 2 o’clock, that’s wrong. The first man in is responsible for his corner, the second man is responsible for the threat in front of him.

        Thatvroom is also a long room so at least 3 man team clearing. Anyway that room would be split into 2 sections. Zone 1 on the left and zone 2 on the right.

        Since the point man went right his responsibility is aalways the corner out, not the far corner, but the immediate corner. The second man or red dot will be responsible for covering the first man while he glances that corner.

        If you enter as the point man and a bad guy is in your view first thing, you don’t engage that is the second mans target, his weapon should be up and ready to fire right off your heel’s, but your responsabilty is that corner always as first man, glance the corner and then move outward with you eyes and weapon.

        In your display, if the blue man had concentrated his attention on that far corner first he would have gotten shot if that immediate corner had ano enemy in it and your red guy would have been killed by that same enemy as well. Just because you missed that corner.

        Lastly, the second example, only move deeper into the room to check red zones or if you feel that you need to to gain control over the room, always be close to the door and front walls unless as listed above occurs.

        Play safe. I’m not military tho I have had the poo privilege to work with the 3rd. Special Forces group and have Law Enforcement training.

        • Zac,
          Thank you for your comment. The method you propose seems over complicated, especially for new airsoft players. The room clearing method indicated is correct for the room type. The blue man is not the point man in the illustration. As with all operations, combat awareness and common sense should be used when clearing rooms and engaging threats.


  2. Really, you need a three man team with one man at the door of the room to maintain a secure room perimeter. Without it, a hiding opponent could just dash through the middle of the room.

  3. I thought the post was helpful, as I am going to a cqb game soon and I have always played outdoor field games with minimal buildings

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