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Airsoft CQB: Gear | links included)

In the previous Airsoft CQB posts we talked about how to enter buildings and clear rooms.  In this post we will look at some of the gear that will help you be more comfortable and effective while fighting in a CQB engagement.

As we have seen, CQB is a very different experience from woodland and field battles.  Your tactics change and so should your gear.  You need to be very mobile and fast during CQB operations so lightweight and simple is the name of the game when selecting CQB gear.  In this post we will check out the clothing, guns, and extras that will meet the criteria for CQB effectiveness.


CQB clothing needs to be lightweight and breathable for coolness and mobility.  Under Armour type clothing makes a great base layer and lightweight military jacket and pants will give you protection from BBs.

Knee pads protect your knees from the hard floors in buildings and come in a variety of colors to match your uniform.

A MOLLE vest is a great way to carry your gear, water, and extra mags in battle.  The MOLLE system allows you to adapt your vest to meet the needs of a specific battle and detach/ reattach pouches as needed.  I am using the  Lancer Tactical Molle Modular Chest Rig w/ Removable Hydration Pouch in ACU.  It has all of the features I need for a CQB battle like a hydration pouch, a triple M4 mag pouch, and utility pouches to carry BBs and extra gear.


A CQB airsoft gun needs a lower fps than a field gun to keep from hurting other players too badly.  It must also have a smaller size to allow you to maneuver through buildings and around corners.  Most CQB fields have a 300-350 fps limit for indoor play.  One of the guns I have found that is CQB ready is the Umarex H&K UMP.  It is affordable at $155, has an fps of 330 with 0.2g BBs, and has a quick change spring feature that allows you to up the power of the gun without any tech experience.  My JG M4 CQB has a little too high of an FPS at 380.  The Lancer Tactical PDW is also a little on the high side in fps but has a very compact design that is perfect for CQB.  In the Extras section I will tell you how you can modify these guns for CQB operations.


If you’ve found or have a cool gun but the fps is too high for CQB you can modify your current gun to shoot at a lower fps.  The simplest way do this is to purchase an M100 or M90 spring (Note: the lower the number the less strength the spring has) and get it installed.  After the new spring is installed test the fps to make sure it it meets CQB limits.  With a lighter spring your rounds per second may also increase.  I use the Xcortech X3200 for my testing needs.

Some CQB fields allow the use of airsoft grenades Thunder B grenades are loud and disorient your enemy giving you a better chance of clearing the room with less casualties.

Smoke grenades may also be allowed.  You can use them to confuse or distract the enemy as well as cover your advance.

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