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Reader's Choice 2014 Award Post |

2014 was a great year for  We had over 8,500 page views and over 2,100 unique visitors!  As we go into 2015, my hope is that will continue to grow with your support!

Of the many posts here on the blog, I have boiled them down to a few that really shined to present during the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration.  I wanted your input, so I did a Google+ poll to select a reader’s choice from a list of’s most read posts.  So, without further ado, here are the best posts of 2014!

Reader’s Choice Award- In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Team Deathmatch 
Runner Up #1- Airsoft Tactics: Woodland 
Runner Up #2- Airsoft CQB: Basic Tactics for Buildings

The Airsoft Warrior’s Picks:

Here are some of my favorite posts from 2014!

1. The Reason I Airsoft 
This was my first post on  In it, I explain the reasons I airsoft and why you should, too!

2. Taking Your Airsofting To The Next Level
In this post, I explain how you can use airsofting to build and refine real world skills (See Turkey Hunt for a real world example of airsoft helping your real life abilities)

3. Which Airsofting Animal Are You
This post was one of the most fun I made on, and it seems like you all enjoyed it as well!


Overall Most Read Post of 2014

Airsoft Tactics: Woodland
This post was the most viewed out of all of the posts here on  Its basis on sound woodland tactics (and airsofters’ interest in those tactics) pushed it to the head of the pack in 2014.


Thank you to everyone who cast their vote for the Reader’s Choice Award 2014.   Be sure to check out all of the posts featured here, and let me know your favorites in the comment section below!

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