Which Airsofting Animal Are You?


Which Airsofting Animal are You? | AirsoftWarrior.netHere is a list of animals that represent some of the airsofters you will encounter on the battlefield.  Look at the descriptions below, then find which one best fits you, and which one you want to be most like.  Discuss with your battle buddies what animal you thought best represented you and then have them tell you which one they think you are most like.  This will help you to develop into a better airsofter and to increase your understanding of your abilities.  Be honest with yourself, and have fun!

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Wolf | AirsoftWarrior.net
The wolf airsofter likes to work in a team and coordinate his attacks with his buddies.  He relies on strength, cunning, and teamwork to bring down his enemies.  Even without his team the wolf is still a formidable foe and deserves respect.  His best buddy is the fox due to his leadership skills .  He is weak against the cheetah if he gets into a one on one battle with him .

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Fox | AirsoftWarrior.net

The fox airsofter is the most cunning and thoughtful airsofter.  He likes to think things through and determine a plan of action before going into battle.  He prefers to work in a team and tries not to go off on his own.  It is difficult for the fox to understand airsofters that don’t like to operate in a team or develop elaborate plans before going into battle .  His best battle buddies are the vulture and wolf due to their willingness to be lead by him and support his plans.  His worst foe is the monkey because of his unpredictability and disregard for leadership.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Cheetah | AirsoftWarrior.net

The cheetah relies on his speed and airsofting skill to carry him through a battle.  He has little regard for weaponry and tends to look down on the elephant’s pride in his weaponry.  He is a very effective lone warrior and sometimes has trouble working in a team.  His best buddy is the wolf because of his skill level.  He is weak against a tough elephant or a strong team of wolves.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Elephant | AirsoftWarrior.net

The elephant doesn’t have the skills or tactics to be effective, so he uses his weapons.  He likes to collect guns and have the best of everything on the battlefield.  His worst enemy is the cheetah because the elephant can’t figure out how he can fight without the most amazing guns and gear .  His best friend is a fellow elephant although they sometimes get into arguments over who has the best gear.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Vulture | AirsoftWarrior.net

The vulture likes to work in a team so he can use the good ideas and leadership of others to accomplish his mission.  He doesn’t have the most kills but he is the best team player.  He loves to learn from other players.  His partner is fox due to his skill and cunning use of tactics that the vulture can copy and learn from in his missions.  His arch enemy is monkey because the vulture has nothing to gain from working with him.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Monkey | AirsoftWarrior.net

The monkey may have skills and guns but he doesn’t use them.  He prefers to rush into battle and hope for the best.  He rarely listens to or obeys orders.  He occasionally comes out on top due to his aggressiveness but this is often an exception.  Not many other airsofters care for his company and purposely send him on his own “special” missions.  He has no special friends; and it is difficult to put a finger on his worst enemy because of the various “styles” of fighting he uses.

I hope this list helps you to better examine yourself and your airsofting style so you can improve.  Have fun and work towards your goal animal and help your buddies achieve theirs.


Don’t Be A Movie Sniper


Don't Be A Movie Sniper | AirsoftWarrior.netIn movies we are taught to believe that to be a sniper you must have a super long gun, the coolest outfit, and the biggest scope.  We are taught that to be a sniper we have to hide by ourselves on the tops of buildings taking ridiculously long shots at almost invisible enemies.  If you expect to be this type of sniper in airsoft you are in for a big surprise.

In airsoft there are two types of snipers.  Some try to be like the one above.  They may make a few kills and scare the tar out of the other team; but eventually they run up against a few levelheaded guys with automatics that put them back in their place.

The other type of sniper is the one that teams up with an observer, knows his mission, and executes it well.  That is the type of sniper we will be talking about here.  This is the best way to be an airsoft sniper.

Get an observer
An observer is the sniper’s battle buddy.  He adds an extra pair of eyes and ears.  He carries an automatic to offset the sniper’s powerful, but low rate of fire, rifle.  Having an observer along allows the sniper/observer team to use better tactics.  A good observer allows the sniper to do his mission better.  So what is the snipers mission?

The Sniper’s Mission
The mission of a sniper is to engage important targets and to observe and provide recon of the battlefield.  The sniper’s main targets are other snipers, enemy commanders, and important areas of enemy activity.  The sniper team can deny large areas to enemy forces and confuse them.  The sniper team should observe the battlefield and give important information to the team commander.

Execution of Sniper Missions
The sniper team has to execute its mission effectively all the time due to the nature of its missions and the small size of its group.  Several tactics come in handy to the sniper team.  Stealth is one of the most important tactics for a sniper team to use.  If the sniper team is discovered before it can complete its mission it may ruin the whole team operation.   Ambushes can be effective for the sniper team because the element of surprise can make up for their lack of manpower.

A good sniper team can be an important and effective part of an airsoft team if they know what to do and how to do it.  Be sure that you and anyone on a sniper team understand their purpose and can do their job.  Otherwise all you have is an ineffective and potentially team endangering movie-class sniper.


Airsoft Tactics: Woodland


Airsoft Tactics: Woodland | AirsoftWarrior.netThe woodland environments present its own set of challenges and advantages.  Knowing how to use the woodlands to defeat your enemy can be an important tool in your airsoft knowledge.  In this post we will examine movement, cover, and firing tactics that you can use in your woodland battles.

Movement is more difficult in a woodland environment than in a field because of trees, bushes, and other obstacles you must work around.   Stealth is also more difficult due to leaves and debris on the forest floor.  If you aren’t careful the woods can become a death trap.  When moving try to move from cover to cover and remember to watch your flanks.  If you are working as a team, spread out with about 10-15 feet in between team members so that the enemy can’t eliminate all of you if you are ambushed.  Constantly observe your surroundings to avoid ambushes.

Cover is plentiful in the woods.  Selecting the right cover is important.  Find a large enough position or positions to protect you and your team mates.  Set up positions so that they can support one another and coordinate defense.  The woods provide excellent camouflage.  Use it to maintain stealth and protect your positions.  If you are on the move,  plan out what cover you will use before you move.

Firing can be difficult in the woodlands, with lots of trees and other obstacles in the way.  In order to use the woods effectively you must locate the firing lanes.  Once you are in position,  find all the gaps and spaces in the trees that will allow you to fire through them.  A good position will protect you from being shot while allowing you to engage the enemy through these firing lanes.  Find the weak points in your position and use the large amounts of natural cover to barricade them.  As you can see in the diagram below,  by effectively using their firing lanes the team can eliminate the enemy at any point; even if two of the team members can’t.

Firing Lanes in the Woods | AirsoftWarrior.net

Learn to use the woodlands effectively to make yourself a better airsofter and a more effective team member.


The 3E’s of Communication in Airsoft


The 3E's of Communication in Airsoft | AirsoftWarrior.netCommunication is a vital tool in airsoft.  It allows you to convey important team information like number of enemy players in a certain area,  the next big plan your team will implement, or how you will coordinate an attack with other players.  Communications can also be used to pass along information in a small squad or buddy team so you can both be effective.  Communication is a big player in successful operations, and ultimately, victory.

Here are some basics to follow in your communications on the battlefield

Communicate often
In several battles I have been the team commander.  I noticed that it is very helpful to me if players communicate with me and each other often.  It allows me to know about their well-being, tactical situation, and position so I can command them effectively.  It allows other players to feel more secure and allows them to help you in a pinch.  When you are on the battlefield try to stay in touch with your commander and other players.  Radio them or send a battle buddy so you all know where each of you are and what everyone is doing.

In communication the 3 Es can be helpful.

Explore-  Find out as much as you can about what you are talking about.  Know the terrain if you are trying to convey your location.  If you are communicating about the enemy,  find out strength, type of weaponry, and direction of travel.  Know as much as you can so you can answer any questions you or other players may have.

Eyesight or Earshot- be sure that those you are communicating to can hear you or see you if your using hand signals so they don’t miss any of your communication.

Expedient-  Your communication should be as long as it needs to be but as short as you can make it to avoid confusion.  Include all necessary information in your first communication, then let your contact ask the questions.  This way you won’t hog the radio or retell something they already know.

Use these tips in your communications to enhance their effectiveness.  As I have said communication is vital to consistence in your battlefield successes.  Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Here’s a free printable pocket version of the 3E’s of Communication for you!

3E's of Communication in Airsofting with FREE printable | AirsoftWarrior.net


Airsoft Tactics: Field


Airsoft Tactics: Field | AirsoftWarrior.netIn airsoft you will often encounter field environments.  Fields present a difficult challenge to an airsofter because they lack cover and allow the enemy to observe your every move.  It takes good tactics, skillful movement and use of cover, and thoughtful reaction to survive the field environment.

I often battle in field environments.  I have a like/hate relationship with field combat.  On one hand the excellent observation and ability to react to situations in advance is great.  But, the difficulty of eliminating well positioned enemies can be maddening.  Hopefully this post will give you some assistance and ideas that you can use to be more combat effective in the field.

Good tactics are key.
 Try to locate the strong points and cover in a field environment.  Most of the time the defensive team will have an advantage in the field if they use good tactics.  Position your team so that they can take full advantage of the excellent field of fire that the environment has.  Use the base of fire tactic often.  A single AEG can protect a large area and free up the rest of the team for an outflanking maneuver.  Try to set up your positions so that if one is overrun your other positions can eliminate the enemies that have captured it.

Move and use cover skillfully.
Cover is key in the field.  A ravine, tree, rock, or small hill can provide you with good cover and a strong position.  When moving, plan ahead and have the rest of the team cover you. Move quickly and get to your next position as fast as possible.  The less time you give the enemy to react the better your chances of survival will be.

Think about your reactions.
Plan your moves and how you will counter the enemy if he strikes.  If you used good tactics and good positioning you should be well prepared for an enemy assault or the initiation of your operation to eliminate the enemy.

The key to a successful field operation is to use your skills appropriately and effectively.  Let me know what the hardest part of field operations is for you and what you are doing to improve in that area!


1 on 1 Airsoft Battle Tactics


 1on 1 Airsoft Battle Tactics | AirsoftWarrior.netHave you ever fought one on one in airsoft?  Fighting one on one is a very personal style of combat.  It involves your skills and concentration to be an accomplished one on one airsofter.  You may encounter one on one scenarios whether you want to or not.  If you get separated from your team, decide to go hide out and set-up an ambush, or if a planned operation went wrong and you are now on your own, you will find yourself in one on one combat.  How you, and you alone, react will determine if you are eliminated or survive to fight on.

Thinking ahead is key in one on one combat.
Think about what your enemy might do and how you are going to react to that situation.  Improve your position by selecting new cover, or making an aggressive move that compromises the enemy’s position forcing him to react to you.

Make the enemy react to you.
 If you can keep forcing the enemy to do the things you want him to do, you will eventually get him right where you want him, and elimination will follow.  An example would be if you noticed a good position with cover on the enemy’s right flank. On the enemy’s left flank is open field.  If you can get to that position and force him to back out into the open you can make an elimination.

One on one combat requires fast reaction.
 Don’t plan so far ahead that you don’t notice the here and now.  Check your flanks and rear to make sure that another enemy that has come to the aid of his teammate isn’t sneaking up on you.  It may be a good idea to make an tactically incorrect move, such as rushing the enemy, to save time and allow you to join your fellow soldiers. Play it smart and don’t take an unnecessary risk if there is a better route.

Airsofting one on one is a difficult but necessary skill to improve.  Get some buddies and test out some scenarios the next time you airsoft to see what you need to improve on in your one on one combat.  Let me know what is the most difficult part of one on one airsofting for you.




Using Cover


Using Cover | AirsoftWarrior.netUsing cover is one of the basic skills you will have to master to become a better airsofter.  Cover is key to survival in an airsoft battle.  It provides you with protection and allows you to implement strategies effectively when used properly.

When I was in an airsoft battle on a 3 man team, we held a hill top position with a bunker for protection.  As the battle progressed both of my teammates were eliminated.  I had to defend the position by myself against 8 enemies!  In the end I was eliminated, but not before I had taken four of the opposing team with me!  In this post I will explain how to use cover so you too can be the “King of the Hill”.

When using cover, be sure to select a position that is big enough to protect you and your teammates with you.  You don’t want to be trapped or eliminated because there wasn’t enough room for you to maneuver.

Off-hand Cover | AirsoftWarrior.netMake sure that you can move behind your cover.  A good strategy when you are behind cover is to switch the side of the bunker you are firing from to allow you to engage more enemies and make yourself unpredictable so you don’t get eliminated.  Learn to shoot with your non-dominate hand or “off-hand” to allow you to get maximum protection from your piece of cover. I was able to stay alive as the “King of the Hill” because I frequently switched which side I fired from thereby keeping the enemy force off balance.

Another invaluable tip when you are in cover is to keep your head down!  It may sound obvious but you will be tempted to stick your head over the cover to observe the field and “just have a look”.  Try to only use the sides of your cover to fire and observe the field.  This technique will keep you from, as I call it, “goose-necking” and will allow you to survive longer.

I hope that you take these lessons and apply them to your airsofting skills.  Let me know how they work for you; and I would enjoy hearing about any “King of the Hill” stories you may have.


Taking Your Airsofting to the Next Level


Taking Your Airsoft to the Next Level | AirsoftWarrior.netAirsoft is a great game in itself.  It allows you to hang out with your friends and just have a good time together.  But airsoft is also a great outlet to practice real world skills that you can apply to defend yourself, your family, your friends, and your country.

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine and he thought that if you were going to airsoft you should take it to the next level and incorporate some real world application that you could use outside the battlefield.

Here are some ways that you can take your airsofting beyond the battlefield.

Practice Home Defense
Whether you’re clearing a building full of enemies or ducking behind cover for a few seconds on your way to storm the enemy, use that time to think of how the situation could apply to your home.  How would you or do you react?  Where would you hide?  How could you stay alive?  Read up on how to clear rooms, operate pistols, and increase your shooting and close quarters skills.  If you are old enough, take a home defense or concealed carry course.

Practice Homeland Defense
You may have thought about joining the military or airsoft may have piqued your interest in the armed forces.  Take the time to read up on historical battles or current military events.  Honor your veterans and thank them for their service.  In battle, remember who you represent and be respectful even if it is “just a game”.  In battle try to work on skills that are important to military operations. Being more fit, having better teamwork in operations, and increasing your skills in shooting and tactics are great places to start.

Practice People Skills
Even if you don’t join the military or a police force you can still take away something from airsoft, namely,  how you work with other people.  Try to be friendly and a team player.  Get to know other players and their interests outside of airsoft.  Work on your communication skills.  Invite others to play at an airsoft facility, train in your house or backyard, or just get together and hang out.

I encourage you to take your game to the next level by applying your skills, learned or practiced in airsoft, to the real world.  On a final note, don’t ever let your game become so “real” or “next level” that you and the others around you are not having any fun.  Airsoft is still just a game and you have to treat it as such and have fun with it.

In an upcoming post I will share with you how I used airsoft tactics to bag my first turkey! Stay tuned!



Outflanking Tactic


Outflanking  | Airsoftwarrior.net

The outflanking tactic is a basic yet effective tactic used in battles throughout history.  One of the best parts of the outflanking tactics is its versatility and simplicity.  It is easy to adapt to most situations and doesn’t usually take a lot of planning.

Outflanking Tactic | Airsoftwarrior.net

The first step to outflanking is to establish a base of fire that will keep down the enemy’s heads and keep them from eliminating your outflanking team or from expecting and preparing for the maneuver.

After establishing your base of fire, plan your outflanking team’s advance and decide where you will engage the enemy.  What cover is available?  How can you conceal the maneuver?  Will you wait to engage the enemy until you get completely behind him and attack from the rear?  Should you attack from both of the enemy’s flanks?  These are all good questions to ask yourself before you start the outflanking maneuver; and how you answer them will depend upon the terrain, number of soldiers in your team and the enemy’s,  and what the tactical situation is.

Complete the maneuver as planned using stealth and teamwork.  Do your best to coordinate your attack with your base of fire element and the rest of your team.




Winter Airsoft Battles


Winter Airsoft Battles | Airsoftwarrior.netWinter is one of the best times to airsoft.  The cold weather allows you to battle longer without getting overheated, and you don’t have to worry about snakes, pesky mosquitoes, or flies.  But winter also presents a set of new challenges.

Safety is number one in all airsoft battles and winter battles are no exception.  Be sure to hydrate yourself and remind your buddies to do the same.  Although you may not feel thirsty you are still burning a lot of water and you need to replenish it.  Hot chocolate or soup in a thermos can be a great way to warm up and hydrate in between rounds. Dress in layers and take warm up breaks inside or around the campfire when possible to keep everyone at the top of their game.

Tactics change in winter.  A great defensive position or hide out in the summer can become completely useless in the winter because of lack of foliage.  If possible, scout out the field before the battle to determine how it has changed since summer and how you can adapt.  Be flexible and find new hide outs and cover that will allow you to take advantage of your enemy’s new lack of protection.

Maintenance of your airsoft guns is very important when battling in the winter.  Dry your gun after every battle to prevent damage.  Buying an extra battery may be a good choice if you plan on fighting in extended battles because the cold will zap your battery’s charge faster.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons to go airsofting.  It allows me to train and stay active so I have an edge in the spring.  Don’t let the cold keep you out of the field.  Remember to stay safe and adaptable and have fun!  Let me know what your favorite part of a winter battle is.